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Why Are. You laughing. Senator. Serious. Your? Our. Government and it's very socialist of you to have those. Take a break senator. All right. So let me tell you first before I do pass out about real estate agents at trust dot com if you are trying to sell your home or maybe you're trying to sell one by one because you're relocating, you definitely need really good realtors see through the entire process. And whether or not you should repaint a little bit before you try to sell replace countertops, update bathrooms that kind of thing these are the experts. These ages have been really closely vetted by glints team because this Glenn's company wanted to go with only the best in each market you're GonNa, love the people because they're also fans of the show. So you've got that in common with them from the beginning. You got. You got things that. You can talk about while you're going house to house. so whether you're buying a new home or or selling your home or doing both real estate agents I trust, the name really says.

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