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Gonna shoot out to Evanston to help Melissa with the hardwood floor challenge we are all here to help you we're also on Facebook if you go to team Hochberg we've got our we have all of our cameras up and running want to thank Mike and Erica for doing a tremendous job we're still working on the audio so give us time on that but we got the video up the cameras are great I am fat and I need to lose about thirty pounds three one two nine eight one thirty so that on Facebook though I can I'm looking at my fat head right here wearing black and still fat three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred good three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred Meg pros call the tech's lying so Kerry John Cena is making some good coin doing commercials he's an actor he's a wrestler is very popular talking about increase your credit scores and get your credit scores are up and it's really starting to gain traction because you're getting emails from our listeners asking is this true I'm getting emails and calls from people that are here in this and listening to those commercials and calling you want to know what's going on and and you know commercials always make things look so easy to do and it always works a hundred percent but there's a couple things everybody should know before jumping into this nontraditional credit jungle that's out there so to speak and the biggest thing you have to realize is that you have to provide the credit bureau with your banking information and the account number of the company that you're trying to have the added on to your credit report because what they do is done though access your banking account they'll get in there and I'll confirm that you've been making regular payments on this account consistently month after month after month so as an example say like somebody wants to add their electric bill to their credit report if you have the account for two years made all payments on time it would it would he had an account with twenty four months of good credit history to your report so not only do you get a good account you also can add years of good credit history and your credit report which is great for the credit scores once the information has been verified and confirmed by the credit bureau the account shows up on your report within hours of starting the process but a couple things you should know is that the account will only show up on the one bureau you're working with they have added and that is the only bureau that score will be affected but with the addition of those accounts one bureau does not share things with the other credit bureaus and any accounts that you may have set up with auto pay do they have paid with a credit card or if you pay your bills my money orders well those cannot be verified or added to the report and the good thing about this is that the service will only add good information to your report it will not show any derogatory information on your credit report and if the account that you added was a good account and something happens that you missed three consecutive payments that account will be deleted from the credit report because this is the first time an individual has he had this much control over what actually shows up on their credit report soul as long as everybody understands what I just said my answer to the question is yes have an account like this added.

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