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And i wasn't sure how i wanted to do this today so i guess what i'll just do was the scribe some other things that happened today the biotech now case should don't know i believe i mentioned that yesterday kaik pharmaceuticals is bought out this week the company does not even have a truck on the market and was bought out by you'll yet for ten billion dollars eleven billion excuse me in cash and they still do not have a drug on the market so what does that sometimes do it lifts all boats eleven billion for this will go up in price guess what that's exactly what's going on the biotech set a gargantuan daytoday had very big deal with the the nasdaq in the nasdaq one hundred and you can see wicket a call that a based on top of a base with with the biotech over could i be big and you'll see the break out above three hundred and all pulled backed up at contained there and now may be will break out we'll see time will tell but when you have a chance apps gonna biogen looks like trying to big base break out here box earnings down three revenue officer gili out the acquirer for eleven billion vows the market like this go look at gee i all day and what is the today big move up the right side of this whole big trading rate and when you have a chance you can run through a functional strongest names vertex pharmaceuticals vrt ex sitting nice type putting in some sort of a little flared patterns sell gene finish backed up a little bit above the fifty they got some work to do i don't know what that noise was other biotech let's see what else i got there alexia on the the break above one forty go take a look at iin see why that one came up strong today also so the biotech sector play there were a big part of the nasdaq nasdaq onehundredth other names leading treat t r e nice entice go take a look electron accords e a bunch of these mentioned yesterday starting to edge out of.

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