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I love trouble with Nick Nolte, was all. With knock Knoll? They were like a couple in that movie. And they hate each other behind the scenes. Which Julia Roberts has some of those people that can't stand her in the Hughes known as tinker hill on the set of hook. Oh, I see that. She did conspiracy theory. I love Mel Gibson. Yeah, I enjoyed it. Before this or after. This was right before that same year before that. So this was directed by a guy named PJ Hogan, who apparently is somebody. I thought it was Paul Hogan. I would watch. When did he get into a directing? I'm gonna break up this swim. Good for him. Mate. That's not a cool song. This is a cool song. Oh my God, that would have made the whole movie better. It was just being set in Australia. Yeah. Full-time she's trying to wrestle with an alligator. It's 25 years coming up. Yeah. Reboot. My best friend's wedding except Julia Roberts is wrestling crocodiles. Yeah. That is my movie. Kicked in the head by a kangaroo. So basic plots and ops is film tells the story of platonic best Friends, Julia Roberts, and dermat mulroney, who is not Dylan McDermott. And we need to have what's the difference. We need to have an extended podcast about who's who, because I get confused. I don't think we do. I'm pretty confused. I need to know definitively who's better looking. Wait, they're both fucking bored. But one of them, one of them is McDreamy, was one of them on that show with, I don't think either of us doctors anatomy. One of them was on the practice and the other guy was in young guns too. So Travis, why is his shirt off in that picture? Travis goes for the shirtless picture. He also looks a lot like the lead singer from train. Pat moynihan, if you ask me, that's not the guy in the movie. No, I know. That's the other guy. Their names are so similar. Dylan McDermott and dermot mulroney. Is this not the guy from third eye blind? I thought this pat moynihan train. I thought that was like this. I'm so gangster. I'm so excited, my friend. Nothing? No, I thought that was like the third eye blind guy. Todd, I'm going to send you this picture, so whenever we do this film, we'll just add this in. Just go ahead and share this picture. Yeah, yeah, so this has nothing to do with the current film. Don't get me wrong. That's a good-looking shirtless man. Yeah, that's just you're just texting him a half naked dude..

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