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So everybody. Johnson's. Putting the cock and caq bit. He's up there. James h four. All right. So Matt Bors punisher says no Chris has no liars while Chris speed off on a bus with twenty two other dudes on it. Right. All right Kaelin. Yes. Okay. Okay. Lucky had you know, what I love about women. He travels to England frequently you gotta show. It was in a pie. You guys have no idea. Like, somebody said, look, we're talking. We're not talking about weirdo. Degenerate old creepy dudes? We're talking about young semi attractive. You know what I mean? Like guys educated, blah, blah, blah. If I said to you what percentage of those guys masturbated on a flight you'd be like, oh like three percent. Like, maybe. Now, fifty no great. Thank relationship men's masturbation is sort of like Perry and reality. Yeah. Or child and Santa Claus. It's like we this. But we're not fully not off on it. You have the relationships with masturbation that we have with you guys. Make an number two. Which is we just don't want to. We don't want to know. We don't want to think about it happens. It's there, but. There something we want to explore get to the bottom of non pardon, the pun. It's none of that. But I'm telling you that I would bet you and by the way that number as the flights keep getting cheaper and the animals fill the layovers layovers that number's going to be over fifty percent in the next three years. I can see that sad. Wow. I get ours done. Well, I always have the dignity to beat off in the towncar and the right over your real man of that's right. Yeah. They I love the Dawson Vegas flight to Burbank. Amazing. LAX? Okay. So it's another. Question. But is it like, oh, that'd be fun to jerk off on this plane? Or is it like I'm so turned on? I must relieve it. I love the fuck and fiesta mic so much which one is twenty eighty well ask the guys who've done it. I'm going to speak for Gary and say that you take a twenty five year old and put him on a pod with a tablet or computer, that's filled with porn and taken advantage of. Yeah. You'd have an hours to kill. He's going to kill his junk as I said, I want my money's worth. It's right. Okay. All right scary. Right. My name is completely changed by the way. Oh, you're welcome acting land. Oh for sure. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now, you know, it's great great thing is we have a couple of young ladies here disgusted at this this notion, whereas if a guy found out that fifty percent of women masturbate on a plane, we would master. As we spoke. I ever slow stead are you discussing because I'm just surprised. I don't know. 'cause I'm just wondering if like, you know, what makes you reconsider right? Like, the host says I'm going to grab it. And but also you guys feel like to like the cross contamination person who's been in that bathroom for what feels like a fortnight like what is really going on in there. Now, I have to think this might be going on. Twenty six year old dude goes in there and seem to spend like eighteen minutes. Now like what the fuck is going on that under that. Yeah. Now, we know now, you know. Yeah. Look. Wouldn't happened on the airplane. It was in the bathroom. One two was pretty necessary. It was necessary was necessary. You wanted to land that plane safely? Didn't you? Toss robbing bag true. Thicke the safety's important. It is important. Selfish when you pass judge shuttle trip back. It's right. That's right. I feel bad for even even questioning this acidy. All right. Let's bring it on. That's the news. Alison Rosen to bitcon. Oh, that'd be fun to jerk off on this plane. That news with Allison Roseau..

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