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In a way that maximized what can had an and. I want to go to Kenny Hogan Second Foot. Make your thoughts on that and that Verne. Maybe gets a bad rap for not you know yes. He didn't keep going around and they had business disputes. But Hogan was when it gets everything for an stood for and yet he still of course the money was everything pushed him to the top. I think you hit it right on the head. Their money was everything and as much as vern wanted to maintain that old school mentality. You know all of a sudden my God the cash registers are overflowing everywhere with Hulk Hogan so I mean he basically had no choice. I mean this guy's there. Hey let's let's ride tidier and you know. Certainly money talks to But not including putting Hogan over is the champion and that I think is is really came here to Wayne was kind of damned if you do damned if you don't because you know here. This guy is on top. And he's feuding with everybody from David Schultz. Jesse Ventura Mr Saito. You know right on down the line right. Yeah but Bach. We go again Joe. It came time. Switch the strap and that wasn't going to happen You Know Verne still went with the old guard. He still went with the wrestler And I mean that from a from a technical standpoint. He went was a wrestler as opposed to the big muscular blond guy from Venice Beach But again it goes back to you know again what you said a little bit earlier on you know the burn you know. Maybe he got a bad rap because he didn't hang on to hold onto long. Maybe got a bad rap because he He didn't the strap on them. Maybe in retrospect he should have done that but in terms of what he created with whole Cogan. Absolutely it's documented. That's another part of Oregon legacy that people should absolutely recognize and You know again boy. The Times were changing back. Then I think the whole thing was so rule wind for Verne back in the day and again when he retired and he came back in. Nineteen eighty-six for wrestle rock. You know how old was he was sixty some years old when he came back or sixty sixty when he came back restaurants and you know the whole wrestling world is just like flying away from him and he did everything he could. You know you mentioned earlier. The part about you know. Burn keep up with the times and he should have done this and that you know what you know. Since he really tried given the the parameters of what trying was to burn Ganja he left the old studio the small studio format he went out to Atlantic city. He went out to the showboat in Las Vegas. He tried different things. Yeah he went with the midnight rockers. You know and he I mean he really tried as best as he could while he was gritting his teeth. You know to to kind of go with the flow. But you know it just wasn't to be people who say you know did burn hang onto long? Was He with old school mentality. You know who didn't Vince outlast? In the scheme of things and everybody everybody's gone I mean some people it took longer than others but he outlasted everybody. Nobody kept up with them. And I wil as far as giving Hogan the belt VIN vern liked. He worked with people in the especially in the seventies but even the sixties who were friends of his or the crusher. You know a love hate relationship with businesswise over the years but you know he. Nick Bach Winkle were there was a trust there. And there wasn't with Stan. Hansen Stan. Hansen came in after Hulk. Hogan was part of kind of parallel. The Road Warrior era the Post Hogan Road Warrior and Stan Hansen and Rick. Martel Awa kind of before the last chapter of Bisco in the rockers and buddy rose and Doug somers and Hanson walked out and didn't come in and they had to just hand at boxing title different title belt than the one Hanson left with no showed and maybe vern looked at that and said you know what had I given Hogan Belt. That probably would happen earlier with Hulk. Now you could say that's Burns fault for the weekend business with talent but vern may have looked at the Hansen incident as as kind of a validation of his unwillingness to go all the way with Hogan before he felt more comfortable on a business relationship and friendship with them because hope was of a different generation in vern was used to working with his generation Bach winkle crusher Stevens Patterson Robinson and Macau did that play into it that was just a different generation. Verne was having a hand over the keys to the shift to somebody that he just didn't know where trust besides the fact that hope wasn't that amateur stand out. That was a great point weight. And if you think about it and you mentioned Stan Hansen. That's a perfect example. And then bruiser brody bringing in bruiser brody. I mean there's guys came in that were totally hundred and eighty different than what Verne was used to and guys would never in a million years think I would bring in the road. Warriors perfect example. You know you go back to to Jesse Ventura one thousand nine hundred eighty four. You Know Jesse. All of a sudden he's gone. You know one day you know verbs portion of the next day he's gone Brody is walking out in the middle of matches. Dan Hansen runs over a title belt. I is this is. This is the generation that burn was dealing with and and so clearly you can understand why he turns to the Bach wiggles he turns to the Baron von Raschke sadly to the detriment of the AWA. Because you know the guys were you know into their fifties at the time. Although you know an argument could be said that Nicholas still phenomenal. Even you know in one thousand nine hundred eighty six when he wrestled. Kurt Nicholas Fifty two years old or whatever. It was When they went to a one hour Broadway but but again I mean just Yeah totally Generational Mick Nichols Auditorium. I want to jump in and say this to wrestling fake wrestling fans love undertaker at age fifty wrestling. Wrestlemainia fans have been clamoring for five years for sting who finally at age fifty five the same year as verts retirement match the same age showed up at Wrestlemainia for the first time in wrestled triple h triple H in his mid forties still put himself on TV. All the time more than Virginia did. Probably I duNno. Ratio-wise maybe similar. It happens in every generation and and so many different territories and different settings the legendary wrestlers when they left wrong power end up. Still THE FANS. Don't pay to see him and obviously when somebody whether it's it's undertaker and staying don't have a stake in the company or somebody like AAA who does. There's a temptation to either take the payday. Or keep your grip on that power that comes from being the star of the show because nobody can take that away from you vern. Ganja though was criticised late sixties through the say mid seventies because he had so much talent to work with the WHO were big stars but he held on as champion and I guess one question I want I want to give to you. Make did did vern deserve criticism. During that time. For hanging on too long because billy superstar Billy Graham Nick Bog winkle Ray Stevens crusher billy Robinson you can list big names should vern have given a turn to them on top especially when crusher was by a lot of metrics bigger draw vernon certain markets Yes I I think he probably should have given them a turn here. Here's the thing I mean you go back a little bit. A little bit farther than that. Like to the sixties he would give crusher attorney and he would have mad. Dog was on top for a couple of years. So you know as it got into the late sixties into the early seventies then vern started to cling to the biltmore and put himself on top more and for longer periods of time. And and that kind of thing and you know that was not a good thing And and part of the problem to wade is back then and again. You're talking one thousand. Nine hundred seventy two. I think is a perfect example. Seventy two seventy three. When he had all that talent that you're talking about vern defended the AWA title. I believe and this is not just in the twin cities. This is like all over the horn a dozen times or fifteen times the entire year and I think that added to the perception of wait a minute now. You know you're getting on in years burn. You don't look so good when you're in the rain you know and you know you you get ring rust. I mean let's face it. You know you wrestle. You know that infrequently and you're on top so bad added to the perception that maybe he should have passed the title around because he did have tremendous talent back. Then so yeah. Is there in all different? Hang onto long. Yeah but as you said he certainly not alone every every major promotion Especially when the guy owns the company. They've done the same thing everywhere and I think with burn sad to say the last ten years of his career because he rustled so infrequently. It was more glaring that he wasn't passing the title around. Yeah Yeah now is not the time to for razors at the drug store. Harry's no sometimes it's better to stay inside and that's why they shipped directly to you so.

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