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People i'm jan johnson from sports radio wip sports update still no word from the seventy sixers on president of basketball operations bryan colangelo amidst the social media scandal commissioner adam silver spoke about the latest for the league there's always that batman's a speed and doing things in a deliberate and appropriate way and so i have talked to management at the seventy sixers and and the notion here was let's find out what's going on i'd say anything we've dealt with over the years i think have to separate the chatter and sort of what either fans or frankly the meteoroid saying from the facts silver also said the team hired a new york law firm to investigate pre draft workouts right around the corner sixers have six selections in the draft on the twentyfirst first team made it official a three year contract extension for head coach brett brown joel embiid and timoteo woo kabiru will participate in the nba africa game august fourth game one of the the nba finals warriors beat the cavaliers one twenty four to one fourteen in overtime in los angeles phillies starter aaron nola was excellent allowing a single run in seven innings of work or how far of supply the offense to swatted rip right field twig didn't see it got a late break it's going to go all the way to the wall kingery around third he's gonna score with these how far around second he's tried for third the throw and he is out at third base but kingery has scored in the phillies have the lead scout france call ninety four wip farro to rbi sarangani dominguez.

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