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For all the deeds if you are not familiar with that also check back to that website every now and again you never know what's going to be happening out there the can't wait to see how the first annual National Barbecue Championship goes down in New Orleans three days of cooking I believe so yeah that's a look forward to in the next couple of weeks it is the fourth Tuesday of the month and that's all I really need to say the abetted poorest parts and we have Steve Ray for a mood eloise Tennessee we have John Solberg top ride and Michigan we have the longest ranging correspondent doug shining in Texas bottom left and David Hoffman Oklahoma right there on the bottom right appreciate you making time as always as we do it here once per month towards the end of each and every month on a lot of topics to get to right off the Bat John Solberg for Michigan a quick recap if you have any by the way but me you can't do that I'm going to get through it as your backdrop is magical John I mean it is you might have a more professional looking backdrop than me and that is hard to do by the way status Steve is running a very close second although it it's a magical backdrop it's a magical backtra I love what what did you do how do you have it set up there John I have a sound enclosure on this to try to drown out the other noise while I'm recording the best moment show so just basically a couple of sound baffles behind me on three sides like three inches of mineral in these walls behind me in a couple of days traps in the corner just for effect I have no idea why it's boring it's you got to figure that one out you don't know why it's blurry no that's that's a toggle switched off so well I think I think it looks the color looked very warm and inviting that's what I'm trying to say I don't I really don't know what the fastener nation with the blurry background is with these cameras all of a sudden like you guys got cameras and then I'm not talking about you John Specifically and Doug Inca David has never used the blur which I certainly appreciate but for instance I was just talking with Steve a couple of hours ago there was no blur and he has decided to just throw the blower back on again interject I didn't touch if I could interject quickly my border was off and when this call picks up the turns on I just wanted to shut it off blurry do I have a blurry background there's there's a connection issue do I have a blurry background and my blurred no no okay am I were and now it looks like you might have done it I did it switched itself Oh all right so that's why yours is on as well so doug on on purpose or do you you've been a victim idea it automatically switches on on on the call got undo it all right got it so your victim right dog I had no idea house which all right yeah no problem all right I just wanted to make sure I didn't WANNA yell at Steve to two months in a row because yeah so that's why I just kind of fished it out there before I went ballistic yelling at me force steve two months in a row that's right that's right so all right let me go back to you again John World Food Championships Twenty nineteen and I'm not going to ask you to break it down or do any of this stuff but and this is the same question for all you guys just for high level is it on the radars at off the radar is that like no where near the radar what are your thoughts on world food championships I would love it to be on my radar but I find it extremely difficult to follow you can't keep it on a day to day basis they don't update their social media sites in my opinion they never update the website. You can't figure out what's going on it's just hard to follow lives are difficult to watch and listen to I'd love for it to be on the radar but it can't be unless you have someone on the ground like Doug does whose closed inconvenience information I I it's hard to follow what about you David David you on mute there you are trying to cut back L. Problem yeah I agree with what John said not only that but I don't know I don't feel like he gets the publicity the marketing it doesn't get the fanfare that some of the big barbecue contests do and so I don't think it has the same following I know that I don't think anybody around here knows about the world food championships the way they know about barbecue contests All Right Doug your thoughts both championship yeah I mean I was like John was saying in terms of them updating their website and even their social media etc I was learning more from just fellow IBCA members that were there and looking at their web pages so that's kind of how I've follow Jackie through it you know you mentioned David in terms of big barbecue contests does anybody have an idea how many Ibca T. M.'s. There were this year now guesses twenty eight eight that sucks that's terrible so to give you a point of reference the WAX Hatschi event that she mentioned yes that's going to be up there which is up near Dallas is going to have over three hundred teams really yes loud I mean it's not like it's a low cow kind of thing it doesn't get the the notoriety and that was one of the reasons move into to the Dallas right we all thought that they would get more IBCA type teams oh I didn't I didn't hear I didn't hear much about it other than I did talk to a couple of people afterwards that told me told me a few details do you think from and I be ca standpoint that it's not it's not being promoted to them to come out and Cook it or or were you hearing conversations and saying hey they're gonNA do the world foods or I'm going to do this competition you know it's one or the other foods at all not many people were talking thing about world world foods I mean I know that that they had nine no-shows is what I her so nine out of twenty eight pretty big you know Jackie ancient that that you know a few things to work out and she didn't have problems with move in the early birds they got there I had to wait two and a half hours before they got their act together other and they could move them into different spaces and they just didn't have it you know well thought out I did hear that attendance that the was almost non-existent wasn't that one of the reasons that they moved to Dallas as well I heard it was blamed on the Dallas cowboys game in the in the State Fair but I do have one interesting piece of information I heard that Johnny trigg did not actually cook his mate that he had a higher uncooked meat Do you have any way to prove that this came from a very reliable source that was at the contest and said it was jd Henley Jedi one of the top critics jd Henley is doing the cooking for Johnny trick that is what I heard really yes wow all right well that's a bit of and I heard that they were trying to kind of keep things on the down low but that's what that's why the source will remind I know somebody that I can ask about that at a later date confirm back to you on that then we'll all right Steve let me get your thoughts on on world through championships and how you think it's operate well I still love now I understand the the problem with found found all kinds of information on the website is updated daily wouldn't updated minutely but it was updated every night There's a real nice synopsis of it and anybody know where the final table is it's on the website anybody know what the final table isn't spring like where the location where the locations table I've I have no idea everybody's shaking their head what's your what's your favorite city Chicago you know your other favorite city Cleveland Cleveland up no no no there's another favorite city you love it New York City no what Indianapolis that's my favorite city hobby number twenty guess what is right on the website reloaded hey you know what I thought was weird though world barbecue champion Ryan Murphy Cook the winning dish was wag US take dinner the world's state champion Ryan Haglund winning dish Mahal Wagon rebuy and it's all steak right barbecue is it just doesn't fit this concept I'm sorry it just does not I don't care who cooks what how many teams I thought they had like sixty seven teams in the IBCA Competition Doug you like twenty something in the heat and sixty something in the Ibca I was told twenty eight saying no shows and in a couple of people that had qualified oh I didn't cook the Ibca the Arctic qualified in the eat. I I saw a thought I saw maybe I'm wrong it doesn't matter it just doesn't fit this it's an exciting a very exciting Event the the kitchen is is wonderful when two years ago I would have loved to gone back again ever do get to go back again it will be for barbecue it will be for some like a steak hamburger sandwich and you know what one Burger do you love this greg guess what kind of bird one wagon burger no Bubba Burger George Boats Smash Burgers I should he won that he did Muscles Alabama did with the hometown Smash Burger all right well that's great well I John John I'm I'm torn here because I think so if you go to the here's the problem if you go to the a website there's a large large landing page there's a lot of big colorful buttons and and what you want to see is in colorful miss or just blinking and jumping up and down like a flashing red twenty nine hundred in results but it's not there where it is is the way at the top and very little letters it says twenty nineteen results it's very small above all the color all that stuff and then you can find the results that's really got to be addressed because you look over at your excited when you get on the pain you gotta find I gotta find that but it's just a very very small top letters right above all the other colorful stuff where it says results or like event and exhibit and all this the crap so that needs to be addressed I found a lot of information through their facebook page I guess the only problem that I have is seems to be such a download of information on their facebook page that if you're not there as it happens it can quickly lost through the scroll and like I'm somebody that refuses to scroll for anything like if it doesn't show up after I do the mouse button once like I'm onto the next thing so I don't know how you rectify that situation but there's there is a overwhelming amount of information on their facebook page and it's all the time and every day and this person's a new sponsor and this is the person of charity and this person's going to be featured and it's going to be cooking Steve Degree that there is a a a huge amount of info that's being presser that facebook page right enormous amount facebook live things weird because it cuts in what they're talking about I would cut those out I don't I don't think they'd do much to enhance the coverage of it unless they want to dedicate a facebook page two a full day where you can you know where you can come in and come out instead of them coming in and coming out to your feet all right that's GonNa do it for world championships now let's get to the topic at Hand Gang we've been practicing for this we've been consuming for this we've been generating reviews for this and we're supposed to happen last month but obviously it didn't for good reason and this is the what appears to be a fast food love affair with the brisket specifically brisket sandwich which really from a old school or traditional sense brisket isn't a sandwich tried you go to barbecue shop and you say I want to on to this and they slice it and they put on a tray and maybe there are some pickles and onions or Jalapenos or whatever you decide beans what you sit down and you pick the meet up in your mouth maybe get some white bread on the side but has anybody ever seen anybody use white bread on a frigging barbecue trae I mean I have never seen it it's like a I baron holds one set here let me give you many slices of ten cent bread on this Twenty four hour piece of meat that I smoked into I don't understa and the white bread on the barbecue trail but it's not a freak insane right so subway recently come out with their subway off antic -ly smoked brisket sandwich and I said well this has got to be gentlemen please go to your local or your local subway and get this subway brisket sandwich and evaluate and we're going to talk about it on the embedded correspondent site then I said not only that go to your Arby's because Arby's has had brisket on their menu for years now it.

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