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Makes you happy. It just depends on so thank god. They don't bigger and could do well to conduct the episode of the podcast. I'm so happy to have you back in just like always. Your presence is laughing to this podcast. Because you're what makes us special annually for me and britain's podcast so let's get started something that needs to be discarded on something. Let's see frieden line Talking about so far. Also just a kramer this going to be a sensitive wrong for a lot of view and trust me. It's okay if you don't agree with me. It's okay if Sit twelve with you all in asking to do is to infect to hear out by perspective into see if it's walk Satisfy you can dismiss it if you want. You can keep it if you want so. Let's get started In the last episode we talked about imposter syndrome and imposter syndrome is the ceiling. Get everything that we are fraud and they don't fit eighteen among the people that were around this nagging feeling dan. We're going to be caught one day for all play or the facade that you put on for so long and honor. Competitions are just a fake. Our accomplishments are not chew. So this feeling that we get is called pasha syndrome. Now wait a talking about something. That's related to probably read the title of this episode. So you know what i'm talking ma. It's social media. So of course on fox are very active on media. Most at least me know what it is. So unless live on iraq you know what social media has. It is all those things that keep you connected with people online so simplified Received as something that keeps us connected to a human beings to digital platforms because of course code with everything else. It's been hard to find collectively. It's been hard to you..

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