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Edens expressway now at twenty three minutes in either direction between lake cook. And the Kennedy junction out by your bit backup is from Montrose to foster inbound foster to the Kennedy expressway Edens for westbound on the brakes from the Edens to the toll plaza with ongoing construction, I'm a Kennedy heading out a fourteen minute ride to Montrose twelve in the express thirty four to the airport. Inbound forty two minutes. Oh here into downtown twenty-seven off the Jochen, I will ninety looks pretty good is in our out thirty nine minutes to Mannheim. Fifty two to route three ninety coming in forty six three ninety and twenty-five for Mannheim up on the Stevenson up to an hour to the tri-state at our thirteen to three fifty five thirty two minutes from three fifty five to lakeshore. Drive out bad. Fifty five is decent on both sides. The Dan Ryan twenty eight minutes twenty three inbound twenty on the outbound side at fifty seven and just fifteen on the outbound Ford lakeshore drive heavy in both directions as you approach you Kogyo avenue. You see what's happening on the tollways? Chris harbor mill. Spothero mobile seven. For the afternoon. Southbound tristate Fatuhi across Bentonville. Cermak toll plaza. The thirty first Dixie highway to the Lincoln oasis northbound filled in eighty eight the up onto ninety on the ramp ninety westbound toll plaza to about Lee street westbound on eighty eight from the New York south fifty five that's pretty packed fifty three three fifty five. Northbound backed up in locals golf to ninety then passed Dundee lake cook, Chris haver spothero mobile seven hundred eighty on the brakes once you pass it explains. River bridge, if you're heading eastbound eighty ninety four eastbound, you're on the brakes eastbound again approaching Klein the rest of the roads in northwest, Indiana, moving well, let's the Indiana toll and I sixty five.

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