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If i have to a where do you it right there. Let me see here. Let me quickly. Why say unday typing so this. This is the iphone weather app. Visit to the middle there. And if if you go to antarctica right now at this moment while you're watching this you'll see it's minus sixty nine fahrenheit of like right now. That was kind of that was really useful for the purposes demonstration. Obviously the weather changes even in antarctica. Believe it or not well. It's very cold all the time change from a degree to raise way or that way but it just so happened is minus sixty nine for myself right now so shout out to whoever that wasn't a replies who figured that out but nonetheless of a strange finding a weird finding intentional unintentional bug Developer joke reverse mean joke in a glitch. Glitch just a good old straight up glitch. Today's sponsor american giant see on the website american grown american sewn. We're talking about american made stuff which is kind of a rarity these days particularly when comes to clothing and actually mr willy do is modeling for us at the moment. Yeah which is kinda nice. You're wearing zip hoodie. And this thing is all about quality This thing is robust that you're wearing right now. Yeah it keeps me warm in this icebox that's right all the time during the show and It's nice it keeps me warm and heavy duty. it's They definitely have put together a equality piece of clothing. Like that thing that you're wearing right there you could you could wear. That in here was a little chilly. You could also wear that outdoors in place of a coat in certain circumstances when the weather's fitting And it's rugged right very durable so it's not just about hoodies though it's all the classic american styles including the likes of what you have. Your t shirts obviously Actually bayard winthrop. The ceo and founder was determined and committed to make the greatest t-shirt because he wasn't satisfied with what was on the market. He says when you spend your time making clothes in the us. It causes you to think about the great american styles so that includes blue jeans the flannel shirt. The pullover sweatshirts sweatpants. But there's no question.

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