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KRLD news time is six twenty one time of year nightly CEO spotlight of here's business analyst, David Johnson. I never cease to be amazed by the by the variety of business that we have in this community. Always so glad we don't have just energy said trick or just electric. They're all kinds of businesses. There's a small business. I thought particularly interesting Kim Anderson's president and CEO. What's called Anderson? Extreme sports. They do. Business is Anderson. Powerlifting. It is at any ship stuff. All over the world from here for powerlifting. And he also has a bunch of powerlifters, and it is stable and get Anderson. Georgia's right. It's good. Thank you for anybody. So you were a powerlifter to, sir. But it'd be where your power, and we were talking earlier in the real estate business around here for thirty years, which are the real estate you were the real estate business and a power lifter. Well, I got out of the real estate business in started training, more powerlifting and started working out. Every day. Lively, and then I started getting pretty strong. So when I came fifty I said, well, I'm I'm gonna do this competitive. You started at fifty competitive and that was thirty years ago, by the way. Yes, sir, sir. Yeah. Started at fifty internet. I beat up in Portland, Oregon just brand new never lifted like it in a big world championships and won it. This is easy. So continue doing that one end up winning about sixteen world championships. And then when I got sixty five I decided to kinda retire, and maybe help other kids call on schools and things like that. And showing them have to wear their gear properly and. That's when I started my company Anderson powerlifting. So you in so as I think about it. I mean, if you're if you're a successful powerlifter when you can't just walk into Macy's or something and by shirt that fits and certainly nothing that you can show off. So what what does this gear entail? Well, there's one of the things I was selling at that time was a piece of equipment you put onto where to protect your shoulders. And it also helps you lift a little bit more weight without getting injured. So, but it's it's very important to have the right fit at the right material and so on so I'd go into the high schools and work with the young kids and show them how to put this gear on and it would protect your shoulders and help them little bit more. All right. So after I'd do my set ups, and and and get into shape, I go to where do I go to get your equipment? I go to add is an Anderson Peronism Baylor to. Yeah. It's on the website, www Anderson powerlifting. And we have just about every product you won't. And like I said, it's not it doesn't make you stronger. But it might make you lift a lot longer. Yeah. Well, at least I mean, even if again, do it I can look the part can't Anderson is president and CEO of Anderson extreme sports, and it's been doing this a long time. It's a good debut with a government. Really appreciate you being some David Johnson. Newsradio today to KRLD. You can hear David's entire interview with tonight's guest and find other CEO spotlights. Go to KRLD dot com slash CEO. Still a lot happening in traffic, including eastbound Bush turnpike right at seventy five in plano. Your update is next once.

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