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Did you guys do an episode harvey gary yeah so it was funny because well i wouldn't say funny because i couldn't get here nasa was straight up closed and i live right off of buffalo bayou so when harvey hit it's a it's kind of this river and all the floodgates dumped into this river and so the floodgates got filled up so they let them loose on buffalo bayou and the whole thing flooded two levels i've never seen it's flooded once before since i've lived there but not to this level and so the road that usually take to get to nasa was completely underwater so that i wasn't going anywhere that time i mean it was it wasn't long that we had started the podcast it's only two months or something but i was like i think it's appropriate to say something about it because i just to acknowledge that this is happening so a couple of days afterwards the level started going down and people were kind of all over the streets just checking out the area because everything had been underwater for two three straight days and so i just kind of recorded like an update just like here's guys we're all you know a lot of things happen people lost their lives within houston and you know a lot of people were ffected especially you know homes and in in one way or another and just sort of just acknowledged that but i went out with a i had a portable audio recorder my own personal one and i just recorded i wrote a script and printed out an update i mean it was really hard to work just because you know everyone was out of commission pretty much but i figured this this is the right thing to do so i actually walked across the bridge to buffalo by and recorded on the bridge the water was right underneath me and the sidewalks where the where we're supposed to be the sidewalks completely underwater right next to me but i was on the bridge and i recorded it right there on buffalo by so recorded outside but it was just like a two minute update but i could successfully say that we never missed a week that's right we never missed a week that was crazy.

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