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21, please play responsibly for help visit MD gambling help dot org or one 800 gambler. It's two O 8. Get a precision AC tune up for only $69. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, Dave dildine in the WTO traffic set summer in the air and on the roads and you can sense Travis just a little bit lighter in general, even from Monday, fewer instances of congestion so far today. In Virginia, even the slowdowns on I 95 between Springfield and Fredericksburg, more spaced out. Stafford county V dot has reopened, route 17 between Stafford lakes Parkway and fleet road, the crash from this morning cleared. I 66, the westbound work zones near oakton and the manassas rest area aren't really backing up traffic too much, single lane closures. In Maryland on I 95, northbound past route 100 slow toward 8 95. The work zone there blocks the left lane. At the bay bridge, eastbound traffic is fine. Westbound traffic is slow from castle Marina road onto the westbound span of column of twos there, westbound. On route 50 at the district line at the at Acosta river, there is a work crew blocking the left lane on New York avenue, both ways. You can't find the new car you're looking for, try a fits way used car next to a new car fits way cars best. As it fits mall dot com for a good car and a safe car, you can trust. That's the 5th way. Dave dildy WTO traffic. All right, let's turn it over to Mike stina for and get the latest on these developing thunderstorms. What are you looking at, Mike? The entire range is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10 o'clock this evening. And there's a heat advisory for Calvert

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