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I'm like yeah and all rewinding go and I like the first three episodes yeah just kinda like I don't know what's missing however I did notice something I did pay close attention at one point how is nobody talking about this so remember I told you about a continuity issue with the breaking bad series and then the actual movie El Camino yeah I don't like do they really think I'm going to buy what and that had to do with one of the characters and they were going back in time to show you something you missed yup and that character looked calm slightly different Jesse Plemons you would never even recognize the guy you like who is who is this guy that's talking to Jesse the character and then you're like oh that's that's supposed to be tied I'm not buying that these little pudgy Hey any looks a lot older I'm right here sorry he is going through a little pudgy thing okay so here is here is what I'm talking about I yeah I believe it story now in season three I believe it episode two and it has to do with princess Margaret yup okay so they're flashing back to when she's a young girl the present day as far as you know present day in the series and she's looking in the mirror and it's a close up of her this little girl and she's crying and her eyes are blue as can be then they dissolve into princess Margaret current day pulling the bottom Connor eyes brown as can be about it here I mean it wouldn't be a big deal if they weren't on this close up an morphing from that to the next picture because obviously you're focused on there all eyes because they're crying yeah just a close up of her face you said during the commercial break you said Hey look it up I can't be the only one who's if I'm seeing that other people are seen and they're talking about right did you look it up I dead end job no one's really talking about that is a lie I am on good cal Good Housekeeping dot com and it says lock your computers and I spelled color within the U. FYI well the queen herself and season one and two actress Claire Foy have blue eyes Coleman's eyes are brown and because she was unable to wear colored contact lenses thanks to her very strong eyelids whatever that means the Royals appearance has therefore changed for series three so that's why you can't get into it no it's not that I can't get into it I'm just like it something the little girl who plays princess Margaret she's great I just feel like sometimes it's the details that make something better and when you skip over the details it's sometimes hard to well you know be all in that's all I get it okay anybody else notice this everybody maybe this caller did maybe this is the caller who was like I've been waiting for someone else's presented is online the man said hi there didn't Todd your under Donna and Steve show what's on your mind scared off that's too bad all right well I guess it's just me then fine I'm excited to start it I'm also excited to get into the Mandalorian Lillis with Reese watch a couple episodes and she said you know this Star Wars thing they're they're pretty well done yeah because you know they bought the whole series while her husband bought the entire wow for like a hundred Bucks on demand you know it's like you want the whole series you know calm guys like you on the whole thing I tunes whatever every are worried by the Star Wars thus Star Wars all of it okay yeah I don't know your phone calls citing one of the call from a phone booth hi there given Sager on the done it's the show my talk on a seven one I'm actually the question the question is is this Johnny Hey Joni so did you notice this continuity issue in the crown yeah I was wondering what they would spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on costume jewelry everything and they couldn't a few Bucks for because CNN princess Margaret had blue eyes except for this season it was driving me insane thank you for the people thank you for calling you're welcome it's just it's just one of those things where it's like it's so obvious how are you do you think we're that dumb do you Hey Donna Donna Donna come on are your audiences are smart and observant let's go to line two I'm good looking hi there good until you're in the dynasty show my talk on a seven one what's your name my name is Katie Katie let's say okay there's a lot of kids out there were you already sound different from the rest of them what's on your mind I'm gonna side with Donna and respected by the queen that crown or whatever okay was it the ice for you as well or was it just a livia Colin playing the queen not all it whatever Helena Bonham Carter clearly she has a foot shorter than the last princess Margaret right so there's no resemblance between the two of them none the other princess Margaret was tall and well we and better I will say that this one however she still is try I mean she's given it her all and I think she's doing a good job you know despite the lack of a you know similarities in appearance I really appreciated the last Margaret I just so much better I mean I like Helena Bonham Carter fine and dandy but not as princess Margaret she got a stick with important movie okay thank you for calling we appreciate it that was Katie right yeah she's great eleven eleven make a wish okay sorry don't worry about it right now your dad to really knew Irishman trailer yeah they're doing the rounds now okay we have seven days until right the twenty seventh member is a December seventh on Netflix it's in theaters currently I only use I see you want to have a viewing party at my house the fire place working again go on the twenty seventh which is a week from today you fly out that night you're out you're out of town sorry dang it otherwise I was hard again shop floor flat out that morning yeah to hang it on the Saturday I get back who.

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