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Microsoft dropped a bomb on Tuesday. Monday. Tuesday. Monday, I can't keep track anymore. Twitter has been viral. We anyway mixer dropped a bomb on Monday that it is announced it is closing down effective immediately an all streamer contract, or all streamers and affiliates are being transferred over to facebook gaming as Messrs now partnering with Facebook Gaming. The exceptions to the rule because you had several major contracts in mixer or Ninja enshrouded. They were. They were paid a lot of money to leave. Leave twitch and I. Think Life into the glide and went to facebook gaming Ninja travel paid a lot of money to leave twitch channels behind. Go over to mixer Both of them have indicated that they are not going to go to facebook gaming. They opted out of that deal. They got paid out a ridiculous amount of money. Apparently, nobody knows the exact. Some I've heard. It's in the neighborhood of thirty million. Million dollars, but I don't know that for wondered one hundred percent certain but Ninja and trotter essentially now free agents. They can go wherever they want to go, and there is a lot of speculation that they're going to go back to twitch. Ninja has been on his switch channels of recently making updates to it but nobody has made any kind of formal announcement. He's probably GONNA. Make one I would bet next week. Week or in a couple of weeks, haven't seen anything for shroud. There's been no announcement. They're both taken time to figure things out. It's big mixer close now this huge. There's a lot of people who are without a platform at the moment or transitioning to different platforms. No I. Don't know anyone who really watches facebook gaming. So that's that's unfortunate, but also you watch facebook gaming. Go follow darkest for two nine. He's amazing. But. No one was watching Nixon either. Ninja trout did not bring over the viewership that they had hoped they would. They brought over followers, but the viewership was only with the fourth to eighth of what they were getting on twitch. Because it's a different platform and people like you people watching us, say or twits that he just likes to beat you live. This is where your home is. It's more it's. Were accessible going to twitch whether that mixer platform. It's the truth because of absence of its you get on your phone. You TV Cetera. Well from what I understood when it at least when Ninja went over, not everything was set up yet the way that it was set up on twitch to the monetization options were limited, and they were very weird. I think they had gone them up and running by the time all this happened, but streamers just could not make the same amount of money. It was hard for them to give viewership because mixer mixers mixer right like when you think of a gaming platform, you think of twitch or Youtube, which gained hugely in popularity facebook gaming, which has gained in popularity because they make it easier for streamers. I think mixer was. Was a little complicated. A lot of people didn't necessarily like it they were willing to pay out. In terms of getting people come over, but in terms of viewership. Like you said it just wasn't there. A mixer has struggled for almost a year now. And I think Microsoft is find like you know what we're pulling the plug What really sucks in this is that some of their employees didn't know that this was GonNa Happen, and some other streamers that this was going to happen, and so they found out on twitter that they were out of a job where they were out of a platform and debts just horrendous it's. Horrendous that some people had to find out they were out of a job. Through social media, so I'm sorry to everybody that has lost their job or has lost their platform, because that completely sucks I know I. Know Somewhat of the hard work that it takes not really but the work that goes into building a community and building a channel and doing everything that you do for it is a lot of hard work that really does require almost your full attention and dedication to do properly and to people who have given up their jobs and given up their lives, and put all their chips in on streaming, and have had successive where mixer there now trying to find a place to go to rebuild that that channel in that community so and I've been seeing some. Some of this and I'm going to kind of agree with a lot of the other streamers him saying, please don't get keep twitch or youtube or facebook gaming. Please don't be that asshole. That's like well I was here. I, you shouldn't be here kind of thing. Please welcome everybody with open arms because they had no choice in this. It's not like they're they're like. Oh, I'm not seeing the numbers on mixer so I'm GONNA. Go back over to twitch. That's or I'm not seeing the numbers I'm GonNa. Go Try Youtube I'M GONNA. Go Try facebook. That's not what this is. This is literally. They woke up to an email that was hey were done. Take Shit and get out. That's what that is. You have thirty days to leave all. Your stuff is transferring over to facebook gaming. You can go over there if you want, but we really don't care where you go. That's what happened to them to everybody every single person on that platform and now they're trying to find a police to go, so please please be nice to people. Welcome with open arms. Help them out if you can you know, support them because they need it right, it's a rough time. It's a hard time in like people like Ninja Trout. They're impacted as well, but I think they're going to be okay. In the long run they will be okay, but the smaller streamers not so much. We'll see what happens. We ll see what happens, but I say. We take our first break of the evening. From? It'd be very quick. It's going to be a very quick break. Go get a drink. Go get something to eat. Come back because when we come back. We're doing the second half of the new second segment. This is going to be your long. This is going to be heavy. Just warning everybody in advance. We're going to try and make this as quick and painless as possible, but we are going to get into the misconduct options and everything that's happened around that. So if you want, hear about that you don't you just go, get something and come.

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