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And trade, but rather a straight up tax on those that generate greenhouse gases Becky Kelly is that campaigns spokeswoman out of the top ten polluters in Washington will pay this fee and the two who are exempted are a coal plant in Centralia that is going out of business turning into a solar farm shutting down and the other is a large aluminum smelter because we need to have Washington manufacturers who produce things like steel and concrete and aluminum stay in business. Also exempt are the aviation and maritime industries big time users and polluters but Kelly says that's because federal law doesn't allow them to regulate those industries, and it's those exemptions on which critics have focused much of their campaign. Data Bieber is spokeswoman for no on sixteen thirty one. It's an unfair energy tax that would force Washington families and small business. To pay thirty billion dollars. Meanwhile, the measure exempts the largest polluters in the state giving them a free ride and pushing the cost down to small businesses at the same time. There's no real accountability for how the money would be spent because there's no specified spending plan. So what about that unelected board that we've been hearing about that supposed to oversee all the money that's coming in? It is a political appointee board of fifteen unelected people who have broad authority to spend thirty billion dollars in any way. They choose. But the yes campaign says there are several areas where the board will focus its efforts. Some of the top ones are expanding wind and solar power making our homes and businesses more energy efficient. A lot of our pollution comes from the energy use in our buildings and most buildings aren't terribly efficient providing cleaner transportation options. So yes, you know, hybrid vehicles cleaner, fuels, etc. The top contributors for the yes campaign include the nature conservancy the league of conservation voters, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates on the no side. It's BP Phillips sixty six the parent company of Tesoro and the American fuel and petro chemical Manufacturers Association. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. Apple have more on the initiative sixteen thirty one later this afternoon, and for more politics, you can all subscribe.

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