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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has worn more onerous lockdown. Restrictions in England are likely as the country reels from a new Corona virus variant that's pushed infection rates to their highest recorded levels. Johnson, though insisted has no doubt that schools are safe and urge parents to send their Children back into the classroom in areas of England, where they can Unions representing teachers have called for schools to turn to remote learning for at least a couple of weeks more due to the new variant, which scientists have said is up to 70% more contagious. The U. K is in the midst of an acute outbreak of recording more than 50,000 New krone vice infections a day over the past five days. Very Shockley, London Monday birthdays. Actor Barber, Russia's 94 Diane Cannon, 82 author. Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin is 78. It's also the birthday for actor Day Fully Who's 58. More town hall dot com. Government says the suspect fled and the pastor's car but was later arrested. Officials also say the suspect had been on the run and apparently had been hiding in the church services were not going on when the shooting took place. Winona, a small town about 100 Miles east of Dallas, Jason Walker, reporting three people died when a small plane crashed into a house in southeastern Michigan. The victims include the pilot and two passengers. Five people inside the two story house and Lion Township able to avoid injury fire severely damaged the homes from 40 miles northwest of Detroit, the National.

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