Ukraine, Porras Shaneco, President Trump discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


Of our students on trauma, what we are doing here in Philadelphia to support those needs Regina Jacobs who is with the national school boards association was heartened to learn about the push to deal with the social and emotional needs of students. Did we have more SRO's than we have counselors and psychologists in schools, Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio other horse died this weekend at a southern California track plagued by just two days. After Santa Anita reopened following a nearly one month closure. Another horse suffered a fatal injury horses. Go down and they threw up the green curtains, and that was the accident took place during the sense Simeon stakes. Two horses. Went down one of them arms runner had to be euthanized. It's the twenty third death since late December this fans reaction. I don't know if it warrants a shutdown, but there is there is something that's missing Steve Futterman. CBS news, Los Angeles early election results in Ukraine show residents of the former Soviet Republic favoring a comedian to leave the country really results in Ukraine's presidential election show, a comedian who plays a fictional president with no political experience. Maintaining a strong lead against incumbent. President petro Pora shaneco setting the stage for a runoff people are above all more important than political activity and ambitions early projection show of a lot of MIR's Alinsky earning. More than thirty percent of the vote while the incumbent president Porras shaneco was a distant second with neither candidate winning fifty percent. The election heads to a runoff, April twenty first despite trailing Poro shaneco hailed the results as a victory for Europe as neither candidate wants to move Ukraine toward Russian control. After Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in two thousand fourteen Scott, Carr, Washington government investigations opened the reports of hunters and key is catching fire National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it's fielded complaints involving more than thirty one hundred fires and about a hundred injuries. So the agency has granted demands. For more investigations for a consumer advocate, the non-profit center for auto safety the complaints. From consumers were about Meyers outside of crashes making almost three million vehicles suspect, including the Hyundai sonata and Santa Fe and the Kia. Optima Sorrento, and soul. Jane Johnson, Washington meat raffles. They were thing. It's not clear why. But Minnesotans gamble for meat across the state. They're frequent so-called meat raffles. If your number's called you in a box of meat, everything from Chuck rose to jerky to filet Mignon almost on meat raffles are done for charitable purposes. With a portion of the proceeds going to charity prison. Pita not being one of them. But what many organizations sell raffle tickets don't realize is. There are lots of state and federal laws on selling raffle tickets. I a raffle is considered gambling and therefore is illegal unless it's very charitable purpose..

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