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Left Washington D. C nearly a week after Inauguration Day. But there still is a guard presence there at least for a while. Longer to 13 traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of the England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, Mike, we're gonna start. Are south of the city here. Bennett is getting busy or on the expressway here. It is a Monday afternoon after all, South bound is well, good coming out of the tunnel. Slow going from massive most of the way to the gas tank. And now there's a breakdown just before Mass at Looks like a box truck partially in that right lane. So that's a bad spot. Yeah, I've got at least 16 minutes now from the tunnel down to the split to give you an idea. North bound seems to be fine all the way in Ruth, three South clear down past 3 53 eventually down into Kingston and Plymouth through 20 fours off to a good start to just west of the city. Route nine West is backed up almost a half mile through Brookline. It's roadwork going on by Chestnut, he laughed. The Mass Turnpike is good of you. Newton into Natick. East Pounds Okay to downtown Storrow Drive East has backed up a little coming in to Lefferts Circle. It's like that typically. The lower deck of 93 delivered down rant the Tobin Bridge. They're all fine and highways north of the city or are good route 1 93 the upper end of route 1 28 mall, check out Okay. This report, sponsored by Audible Audible delivers the best audio entertainment All in one app choose a plan that's right for you and make it a year of audible originals. Best selling audio books, popular podcasts and more. Start listening for free with a 30 Day trial at audible dot com. My King Deputy busies traffic on the three We've got the sunshine around. We've got to Somewhat chilly temperatures to struggling to make it 2 30 in many spots with grease around. We've got real fields today in the teens and twenties, we will be clear tonight, Windle.

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