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Is a Cadillac of Naperville today and having to be P. It sits in Indianapolis to 25 a gallon and in Little Springs, the speedway at Willow Springs in Corcoran that is 2 33 And if you see a lower price of prices call us the 3124094277 news time for 38 traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by Menard's. Here's Neil Fiorito trains, planes and automobiles. Expect long delays on them all on big travel time, starting with the Eden's a 30 minute right out onto Lake Cook. It's 35 minutes coming inbound. The Kennedy out 18 the Montrose, a 12 minute ride the Express and 40 to the airport, 48 in from O'Hare, 30 off the junction. Thie Eisenhower around in 30 minutes to Mannheim, a 15 minute drive out around 3 90 It about 50 coming back in a cz. Well on the outbound Stevenson, you're looking at 35 minutes of the tri state and 55 minutes health to the veterans still weigh 51 coming in from 3 55 33 for the Tri state 55 through Will County South bound, heavy from 3 55 the past Weber US six to River Road North Bomb backs up around 53 to Pass 3 55 on the outbound Ryan 35 minutes to get out to 95th 27 in not too bad on I 57. The exit ramp. It looks like 147 outbound is blocked with police activity, actually in both directions. The bishop Port Freeway on the way up on 30 minutes to 80 90. Foreign 20 N. Make sure drive South Mado slow down from the Oak Street curve over to Chicago Avenue Tollways Tri State South Pond Jam from 135th Toe I 57 a crash blocking three right lanes. The veterans so way south about a big jam, up from 75th 2 passes Stevenson, a rollover, semi blocking two left lanes. Northwest Indiana police activity continues on 80 94 eastbound. Where the ramparts closed at Torrance and westbound at Kelly. You met your next traffic report.

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