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To the separation of children from their parents singer alicia keys told the d c rally that child separation is a frightening proposition imagine being separated from him or scared about how he's being treated so this is all of our fight because if it can happen to any child it can happen to my child and your child and all of our children puerto rico hurricane evacuees living on the mainland won a temporary reprieve federal judge temporarily blocked fema from ending their housing assistance tragedy on the road in northern india officials say at least thirty people were killed when an overcrowded bus plunged off a mountain road into a gorge barbara kusak with bloomberg sports i'm paul edwards well the yankees hammered the red sox on friday and boston return the favor with an eleven nothing blow out of the accident the stadium is reclaim a one game lead over new york after crushing a sunny gray who allowed six runs over to the third the tone was set in the first one rafael devers belted a grand slam chris sale did the rest firing seven innings of one hit ball with eleven strikeouts denver's goes five for five with three runs scored angst round hit seventeen to getting singles from giancarlo stanton and gleyber torres the mets both to nothing lead on solo homers by jose bautista and todd frazier and jacob degrom was lights out until the six twenty three runs on four hits the big blow of brian anderson two run homer it turned out the sixth inning was the grams last six ending kind of hit a wall i don't really know they said do you have much left next i have that much left he's like we'll do you want to go back out and i was like i don't think i have much less for you i'm sorry underground dropping to five and four despite leading the majors with a one point eight four earned run average momentum finishing the month with a five and twenty one record making it the worst june in team history round of sixteen at the world cup france beat argentina four and three uruguay top portugal to one so messiaen renaldo getting ousted on the same day and now it's france to meet uruguay in the quarterfinals also to matches coming up today i spain phasing host russia followed by croatia and denmark sundays winners to meet up on saturday july seventh in.

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