North Carolina, Roy Williams, Dean discussed on SportsCenter All Night


Is he has done it again the sixty eight to sixty the terriers taken Wofford second win over a ranked team in the poll era both of those winds have come against North Carolina Wofford is all one twenty seven against all other ranked teams when they match up or the tar heels three straight losses first time that's happened since the twenty seventeen twenty eighteen season lost three in a row in January that year North Carolina twenty eight in three of the last five seasons in non conference games at home two of those yes I have come against one for the other one was in twenty seventeen Roy Williams still to win shy of dean's rep for fifth most wins by a D. one basketball coach all times sports center all night ESPN radio time for straight talk Roger by straight talk wireless to baseball and a couple of pictures making some big headlines on Sunday first it was Cleveland trading Corey Kluber to the Rangers Texas picking up the guy who's been the ace of the Cleveland staff and a two time Cy Young Award winner on top of that the Indians in return get outfielder delight of the shields of pitching prospect Emmanuel place then there's Arizona the Diamondbacks signed free agent Madison Bumgarner it's a five year deal eighty five million for the thirty year old went nine and nine last season with the giants of the array of three point nine ESPN insider Tim Khorchin I think it's a good move for the Diamondbacks I mean.

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