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From WHYY in Philadelphia. The finale for this season of Evan are amplify. When last we left our heroes Eleanor based on challen ger stories can compete with Orgeon news. I would take you off Seattle, fine. I got a story. I'll expose OGSM news as a propaganda machine based on live OG and news. The fake news channels started by eleanor's arch nemeses, the Oma Krahn Gama's. But now Eleanor has the proof. She need a book full of secrets, the vans whack family, secret tone. It links them altogether berry OG news, the Brunswick academy and the Macron Gama's Eleanor. This is too big. You've gotta be careful how you, here's the plan, b. sneak into the OGSM news studios somehow on the air and expose OG news as a fraud in front of their own audience. What could possibly go wrong. Nothing berry, stop, worrying. Nothing will go wrong. I just wanna. Make sure you've thought this through. Did you read the sacred Thome skimmed it? It's really damaging. It says specifically that the Brunswick academy is evil and that it's only goal is banning the power of the bonds, wack family, wow. And every single Vence wax. Vincent has written chapters in it including Oscar and Gretchen with the Macron Gama's themselves wrote down their evil schemes along with all the other evil schemes of their whole family. Yes. Look here it says like we should totally start a fake cable news channel, two trash, Eleanor, amplified o. m. g. I love that idea Oscar. They wrote that down. Yes, this is trap. I've considered that phone. Get us a goober to the OJ new studios, a -firmative. Yep. Yeah, hi. You to know each other recurred. We'll acquaintances. That you know you got away, man. I know you really wanted that Jenkin ball. What on earth are you talking about? It's a long story. A thief dressed up like a unicorn stole something from Dr Gordon and I was chasing him, but he got away what he knew. Gordon wouldn't tell me, but it was a bright glowing orb. Roughly the size of Jagan. I say you're going. That's right. Bam, bam, sick with what's your face? Judo. She used to be bruised Angela Brandt. You watch that show bam, bam. The news man, why? Not? Bam, bam. Just done. Like saying to be mad. Like what's all bath. Right. I guess what I'm saying is I don't really trust anybody, bam, bam, this is it poor around back. You're the boss, man, just Google driver. Right there that access doors propped open. Perfect. That's a coincidence. Don't everything gets come on Barry. Thanks bam. Good log, trespassing, whatever. It's pretty duck back here. Where are we? I think we're backstage Eleanor. This all feels kind of slapped together Barry now it's fine. This is a TV studio, right? We'll sneak around find a camera York. The controls and get on TV. That's nuts. They won't work. Short will stopping negative. I'm sh- did you hear that it sounded like a. Let it go. I'm breath the next episode of bread. From n. new studio, who's the host with the most two bucks. Who served the facts with the side of extra bacon who can bowl the truth, like a hungry, tiger. Angela brand, and this is brand force. Red's

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