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Transmission for commercial news of the descriptions and accounts of this game without the express written consent of GMI sports. And the university of Kentucky is prohibited. The announcer selected by is sports and approved by the university of Kentucky. Around. College basketball's top twenty five tonight to one game still going on number seventeen Nevada leads air force forty five to forty one. And they are at the half number three North Carolina beat Boston College seventy nine to sixty six Cameron Johnson twenty two points, twelve rebounds for North Carolina. They're now fourteen and two in ACC play. Number four, Duke just got by Wake Forest at Duke tonight. Seventy one seventy the blue devils win it by one to go to fourteen in three in SE and the ACC play as Wake Forest had the last two shots of the ball game. But couldn't get one to fall and blue devils. Hold on for a seventy one seventy win RJ bear twenty eight points for Duke in that game number nine. Michigan state beat Nebraska tonight last score of ninety one to seventy six can go had twenty four points for Michigan state number eleven Purdue was upset tonight at Minnesota. Gophers wanted seventy three to sixty nine. Amir coffey. Had thirty two for Minnesota. And Purdue drops to fifteen and four in the big ten. Same record is Michigan state and Michigan number thirteen. Kansas lost tonight at Oklahoma. Eighty one to sixty eight was the final Christian Doolittle twenty four points, eleven rebounds for Oklahoma number fourteen Florida state playing at home beat number fifteen Virginia Tech, seventy three to sixty four Florida. Stay down fourteen at the half in that one. These two were competing for the number four seed and the double by in the ACC tournament. So Florida state the four now Virginia Tech the five as Florida state wins at seventy three sixty four also tonight number nineteen buffalo beat Ohio eighty to seventy nine buffalo wraps up the mid American conference. We'll come back and wrap things up in just a moment on the UK sports network. By coke zero sugar with great coke taste slaves. Can.

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