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Games to embellish UC Adil New York in Tennessee you have been model rise and the landscape has shifted and the scenery changed but you have always been a constant in my life and you have been my true north god gave me a gift and you and you believed in me with or without football you're my greatest band the grammar grades cheerleader and my best friend at the hall of fame ever needed to the hall of fame ever made a boss of what NFL wives who look like they only need to see you you're the epitome of a hall of fame wife that's a little bit of Kevin whites emotional speeches he's been inducted into the pro football hall of fame I mean the gold alongside braiding call of breaking one the cool things about giving you know these athletes an opportunity as to be and is trying to get up and and and kind of say you know speak to what they've been through humanizes them your last time to go look at those guys with helmets right they're athletes they get paid a lot of money we really get to learn a lot about these guys on nights like this no I I think you're right in it's the great ones right me either it's a special special fraternity the kids to get up there and take their twenty or thirty minutes or whatever it is and and and you learn the right right I mean this is what these guys have worked all their lives for and you know it's easy he's obviously is an interesting one Kevin why obviously means a lot here natural played four years here natural for the Titans led the way for Chris Johnson's your CJ two K. is two thousand yard season here the last time the Titans were rude really really really actually meaningful in the NFL and it was a guy sixteen years two hundred forty one games played in this is to play guard a couple years mostly center and has done is sort of the right way but a huge community member every step of the way so what you said it it gives them a chance especially the office of White position right where they don't give in they don't get along anyway so he gets to get up there and and you know thank his his children and his parents and his wife and his family and obviously the tragedy in his life followed by all this this joy and so it's just there there's this human side that I think sometimes we we we can forget pretty quickly that that these are still just people even though they look like gladiators they're still just people yeah no doubt about it now we have a little more from Kevin why here's more of his speech to my mom and dad David.

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