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News nation this hour. I'm Dave's one New York's attorney general has moved to impanel a grand jury to investigate the death of Daniel Prude whose death at the hands of police has sparked nightly protests in Rochester, New York, and calls for Reform. Attorney General Letitia James says the grand jury will be part of an exhaustive investigation. Protestors are demanding more accountability for how it happened and legislation to change how authorities respond to mental health emergencies. Hundreds gathered for rallies and marches against police violence and racial injustice Yesterday in Portland. Yet again demonstrations have run 100 days and show no signs of letting up. Molotov cocktails were thrown in the street during a march, sparking a large fire and prompting police to declare a riot Police say At least one community member was injured. Three fast spreading wildfires. They're sending people fleeing and trapping campers in one camp ground as an intense heat wave pushed temperatures into triple digits across California. A wildfire that broke out near Shaver Lake in the Sierra National Forest Friday evening exploded 2 56 Square Miles, jumped a river yesterday and compromised the only road into the mammoth pool campground. Authentic led all the way to win a Kentucky Derby. Unlike any other he moved away from heavy favorite is the law in the stretch and gave Bob Baffert a record tying six victory yesterday. But Baffert says he stays in the game to hang out with the people, not chase records. The clientele the hard work that's put in people that around me, I surround myself with really Great people, and it's fun. Enjoy working authentic one by one and one quarter lengths without the usual crowd of 150,000 on hand to Churchill Downs because of the Corona virus pandemic. Stay up to date online all the time at news nation now dot com and on the.

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