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Today at IBKR dot com slash GA and up first today shares of global parent Alphabet they are down to three and a third percent this morning after yesterday is first quarter earnings miss Mandy Singh a Bloomberg intelligent points to slower ad sales and a week performance by YouTube The search business continues to outperform here and that reflects in both their core search and their Google network segment What has missed is the YouTube segment as well as the Google other where you have the App Store revenue So those were the two that missed And my deep sing a Bloomberg intelligence that's who's speaking Meanwhile quarterly sales and earnings for Microsoft topped analyst projections yesterday Microsoft is at more than 5% ahead of the bill Well later today Karen Facebook parent company meta reports Bloomberg intelligence says near term revenue growth could come in at the low end of expectations On Wall Street the S&P and NASDAQ slumped yesterday as stocks begin the day at a 6 week low Elon Musk is feeling the effects of yesterday's sell off Karen We get more on that live from Bloomberg's journey to Jung Good morning Grenada Good morning Nathan Elon Musk steak and Tesla tumbled by more than $32 billion yesterday after shares plunged 12% But this kind of volatility is not new for him sharp declines of periodically hit Tesla stock over the past two years and they've been offset by even larger gains However this time more is at stake since Musk is planning to buy out Twitter for $44 billion He can afford it based off of Tuesday's closing price but now there's less wiggle room And what if the deal falls through An SEC filing shows the deal includes a $1 billion breakup fee if either side backs out Live in New York I'm ranita young Bloomberg daybreak All right Renee to thank you and update on COVID-19 from the nation's top infectious disease expert doctor Anthony Fauci tells PBS the U.S. is out of the pandemic phase as the hospitalizations and deaths drop Overseas European gas prices surged to more than 20% after Russia stopped natural gas flows to Poland and Bulgaria former ambassador to Ukraine John herbs tells Bloomberg's Joe Matthew It comes as Russia's struggles to achieve its goals in Ukraine Russia is losing I think many smart people in Moscow understand this I'm not sure that Putin understands this Former ambassador to Ukraine John herp speaking with Joe Matthew on Bloomberg sound on airing weekdays at 5 p.m. eastern on Bloomberg radio That's the 5 things you need to know to start your day It's now 6 33 on Wall Street where 48° in Central Park still dealing with that accident in northbound state threw away after exit 15 a Now let's bring in Michael.

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