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Pedia page. Because obviously I knew all about you guys. This is all yours and now that you're here. I want I want the record set straight because there's some stuff that I've read and different different areas so we compete says you have currently five members but you only have four yes so when we started We had Brendan William James Playing Bass with us to And it was kind of the five of us throughout. I don't like the first four years five years of our of our career And then fairly recently. Brendan left the band because he's an amazing singer. Songwriter and artisans on right. He kinda wanted to discredit his wings and do his thing and focus on solo projects And he actually just released a great song This past Friday just awesome But yeah he left the band maybe about a year ago so can then so in his place now to play. Bass and Simpson backup vocals. we bring on our Buddy Ryan to fill that role. And he's he's been awesome He's got his own band as well and so as far as his time commitment and Being a on member It's a little bit different than the four of us But he he plays a really vital role to our live show. Does it somehow fill void or do you feel like you kind of do better.

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