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We have everything we need right here. Right. Just because we're not rich doesn't mean that. We don't have. I can't even finish. I wanna be rich. Nikes? Of course. Yeah. And it keeps going it's so funny. Blaine if you could come up with one lesson from this episode, what do you think that would be from the the episode itself or this episode of the podcast? Oh, well, first of all, I I love come into this building to do podcast because I love brutalism. This concrete building favorites. It's a really neat area. Know, I don't really know what I learned about this episode. It's it just it was the first time that I had watched the Simpsons and so long and not that I not that. I don't love it. But I just it just made me realize how long it's been since actually sat down to watch the complete up Assode. And I remember talking to Joan array like back back in late two thousand eight or nine or ten or whatever. And just him saying, it's a weird point in your life. When you realize that there are more Simpson's that you haven't seen than you have seen. Yeah. And it was it really is kind of a not that you lose interest in it. But you just sort of you you drift away. I guess I don't know if I have an empty nest syndrome. The simpsons. But I I do remember. I do remember thinking today how innocent it was. It was before anything really bad happen. Yeah. Episode from before. Well, yeah. The nine eleven thing before trumpeting any of the stuff. There was a like the only kind of the desperation that you had is listening to a sonic youth album. Like, oh my God. Is that is rough as you had you had nothing to do in New York City before nine. Completely just that that innocence of like, you know, what if felt like it almost felt like wasted time. What was going to happen? Yeah. Perked up a little bit. We've talked about it on the show before just this kind of love of looking at how politics and history impacts TV talk about nine eleven is and its impact on comedy. But there's one video that looks at specifically the impact nine eleven had on the Cincinnati, and it's phenomenal. And it's a really good video and kind of goes through the different like ways that that politics impacts the types of jokes that were cool with the types of sensitivity that we have. And it's all super fascinating stuff that really does play an interesting part. But I totally have that nostalgia as well of kind of like, a simpler time, I think that it's also we didn't know. So it wasn't. Interesting the way that that affects comedy specifically because I think that we don't consider like whatever's happening politically to have a direct connection to comedy. I think that we can understand politically the connection to science fiction. I feel like science fiction has always been genre. That has been a direct response to whatever's happening. Whatever tension, we have, you know, with foreign affairs and stuff like that Cold War post, Cold War, but comedy, you know, I think with not just the political correctness. But like the optimism or pessimism that you have toward the world at that moment could have like a really deep impact on comedy writing. And and sort of the kind of stories that they go for is it okay after nine eleven to have a whimsical story about XYZ, you know, that kind of terror to. Yeah. Is there a I mean like I said I haven't seen it in so long. How are they? How do how do they treat Trump for? They do they is it glancing blows asides or do they? Not go near it. I don't know how they're treating it. Obviously. I would know likes the guy, right? I feel that way. We're all private room. Maga-? I I can't speak with the most thirty on this because I haven't seen every single recent episode since the presidency, but I feel like they're not then they're definitely not focusing on it in the way that Saturday Night Live is sure, but I don't think that they're giving much regard to that..

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