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What i learned a when. I was admitted in circumstances and yeah it was six months of age. I started in the for the hudson's hung's which was for the younger children. And then i moved on three and a half a pint State that until i was when i went to stay with my mother and stepfather. I'm going to talk about that in a second if i may. But first of all let's rewind slightly until your to your mother and father meeting. I mean you've talked about in in your book but They met at cambridge didn't they. That's fine my mother was in her. Another was studying classics. She went in one thousand nine hundred five so the last year of the second world war. She got scholarship. And your mother's irish. Yes heritage in the sense that it was her. Great grandparents was the generation that were born talking armand. My grandparents were born in liverpool in eighteen. Ninety six and my mother was born in liverpool in nineteen twenty six. I actually commissioned genealogists from dublin to look into irish richard side fascinating because there wasn't much records except my great aunt. Cade had written a letter to mind cousin setting out. Quantum bits of family history on the genealogy said that that was upset. Fantastic those with the If the clues that he needed to explore much much much more deeply into our irish have and he was able to go back to the eighteen forties. Maywood as good work actually. That's very good work with the lack of where you know. Show the record. Dot billion for various reasons terms of the one of the key sentences eighteen something other eight was fire in dublin. Destroyed destroyed lots of of the of the records but it was the church records coast where everybody registered at birth and death in the church in omlund thought in this country is wrong dot spin a huge source of information for many people looking for their family history so your mother is of our heritage in studying classics at cambridge at cambridge. And my father was nigerian and he hadn't been awarded a scholarship to study law in again in cambridge. And we're talking about the second period of the second world war. My father came over in nineteen forty two in the middle of the second world war. I thought was interesting. He started his studies. I think trinity hole on my mother. I was nineteen forty-five at newnham college to study classics. I don't. I've never found out how they met or anything like that would have be nice but by the time i was really curious about the the both deceased any us. Anybody so your your your mother your mother your father and you follow the metro mother. And you -able nine months and nineteen forty seven and my mother wasn't married and catholic. The whole irish catholic heritage can imagine so you can just unimaginable. The shock was for my mother when she was pregnant. And i've only caught is quite good that i had this. I have the oral history from my aunts. My mother's youngest sister unfairly very close to him and my mother wouldn't didn't tell parents she was pregnant. It was my grandmother. The realized situation when she was finishing signed address for my skirt was during the fitting tight. Measure around my mom's waste when she six months pregnant of my grandmother quickly. What the situation was to horror. Everybody's ora my grandfather was a stalwart of the catholic church was friends with the local parish priest and he went straight the parish priest to seek advice and they and also. My mother was a bright student at cambridge university. You know it was a bit of status going on there and a desire to enable another to complete studies which she didn't in the end but not due to lack of support. I mean i think some of retaliation that my mother to drop out in spite of oil oil the connections and support that she got between the church and my family on university university Knew that she was pregnant. They told that she talked to nervous. Breakdown Bring a billeting enough Island at an for me. When i came across these papers i was fascinated because i was bought up very much in a strict catholic environment in a company. Come on and on my contact with the catholic church lasted until i was sixteen. When i left my gren-grenada grandma mother's house and you know you're taught never to lie and bitter and sort of see all these papers. The collusion going on between the church and the university said university to so the lies that were being told and think well. That's interesting so you can lie in certain circumstances but not in others but there was a multi support from my mother had to sign. Yes so at three months old you will take it into the Into the care of the church. Six six months was taken into the father. Hudson's homes which were in birmingham. And i stayed the Until i was five. I think and then i moved to the not with house convent. The children's side again in birmingham and my memories of nostrils I don't remember. I vaguely have a memory of being on the verandas as a toddler so that would have been the father hudson sons. But it's it's not with house children's home that i remember that i started describing intensify memoirs. Blow your resort overall..

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