Robinson Torino, Ronald Guzman, Charlie Morton discussed on ESPNews


Ninety minute maid park roof is open doesn't seem very windy at all players don't the astros players don't typically love it when it's open the one to hit the air left field towards a quarter towards the crawford box seats and it's gone inside the poll robinson torino's will touch them all his second of the year he just hooked get down the line inside that three fifteen marker a fair ball one nothing rangers got a slider some type of breaking ball that as you described it was able to hook it got the barrel to it just flicked it out and it jumped there was no doubt or off the bat even with the short porch in left field here three fifteen down the line i think that's a legit home running any ballpark so here's isaiah kinder falesa the pitch strike outside corner this guy hit his first big league homer yesterday made his big league debut couple of days ago he's played second base route netto door on the dl the awan strike two onto the hammy injury ronald guzman is well yesterday i homerun in a rangers comeback with a shocker as good as charlie morton was yesterday.

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