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Actionoriented uh very kinetic off of the the the art form would allow showdowns with the uh uh with the confrontations the takes a very very particular type of a type of artistry to do this i know ways i always appreciate it films like that and and and then an a plus of course is a um as a young boy as most star i've always been a very much drawn to the just just the excitement of the uh of the action films and as time passed i was interested in studying film on would show eventually led me to a study that a masters program at the university of miami and then i brought more of us as the time one on more of the uh uh the uh the analytical the critical academic study of the uh the artistry of film and then particularly the action movies was th asian influence on the hollywood action celts is that your first book yes yes it was in how did that one come to be what was your inspiration the right that the first the store with my growing interest and up in particularly in the very um hong kong approach to the hong kong style approach to uh uh to action films and as i was no to sing you know as we as as time passed on since uh since 1990s and into the two thousand its i was the only thing how much uh the uh uh the asian films and again particularly the other hong kong action films seem to be really seeping into hollywood and taking over to hollywood or on action aesthetic and originally what's really got me interested in the end y'all and uh uh hong kong action films was a brief meeting with john woo himself uh when i was at the university of miami and at one point that was uh that was in i would say 1990s to reaffirm remember correctly uh when he had made made to move from hongkong to hollywood and apparently he was going around to uh to various colleges to show the last film death he.

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