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You get some updates and some places regarding the mid south food bank one one pounds actually giving away free hand sanitizer will tell you about that that sounds pretty cool right I guess they made their own they brought some and I think that's pretty cool right let's we'll talk about that coming up on in just a few moments here let's get through it says six thirty five so let's do our birthdays before we check in with Simon and this morning and that today is April the eighth and on this date in fourteen sixty pop and Juan Ponce de Leon was born the Spanish explorer and can kiss the door who search for the fountain of youth in the first European to discover Florida he was born in Spain he lived to be sixty one years old a couple of other quick birthdays for you on this date in nineteen forty nine we skip ahead just a little bit here as we get ready for Simon and then just a moment but that nineteen out born on this date in nineteen forty nine was Jim Lampley the sports caster from N. B. C. and I believe he did some work on A. B. C. as well and then one or two other birthdays for you real quick get Carter played for the Memphis blues in triple a it went on to win a World Series of the New York Mets played with the Montreal Expos as well was born on this date in nineteen fifty four and there you have birthdays for today April the eighth and we'll have all this dating history coming up next hour on this program in the meantime we turn our focus to the global stage when it comes to the covered nineteen pandemic and we check in with some of that with this morning from London son Simon thank you so much for joining me how are you I moaning very well thanks not some some positive news I guess it positive news is whatever I guess you could wear wherever you can find it we'll take it regarding Boris Johnson he's in I guess quote stable condition is that still the situation for her for the prime minister yes in my waiting for accident imminent update from his office is set at the latest on these condition but one of these government ministers has been and giving a few interviews this morning and has described the prime minister's condition as stable that said that he's receiving oxygen support all has been at least receiving oxygen support but he's not one of them to later would you be seen as a much more serious at sign that is the same condition check we were given yesterday said the suggestion at least as of this morning with that Boris Johnson's condition at least does not appear to be getting worse but he has now spent two nights in intensive cat is the third day in the I see you and we as I say wait for more details as to how he's doing and if there is any update so we can see whether he he might be looking at some of staying in that state if possible for a few days at least to come what is the word out of ten Downing Street is he still running the car is used to running the U. K. he's still in charge I'm he's not surrendered control but they are now saying in and we we we learned the boys Johnson and contracted this virus maybe two weeks ago now and for more than a week he was working from home and he was still in charge and he was self quarantining as his own government instructs people to do amid this crisis but it was any of the weekend when it was late Sunday that we got word that he had been taken to the hospital and he then said on Monday on Twitter that he was still in charge and was working from his hospital bed image just having reading test and then it was only seemingly Monday afternoon but his condition must have deteriorated it would appear quite rapidly because a few of us Johnson saying he was you know carrying on he was then we got word that he was in the I see you at that point they have now said that the Foreign Secretary a city could into the section of state and has temporarily taken over many of Johnson's Judith but ultimately Johnson does remaining charges at Britain doesn't have a written constitution does not like the U. S. as a deputy at but as a vice president Britain doesn't have a deputy prime minister and so the Foreign Secretary has been delegated and designated to take a certain amount of the charge but ultimately we are told that the more the foreign exchange self is saying is that Johnson retains the ultimate authority some in in joining us on Memphis morning news and if if if you know that's fine if you don't but I thought I would ask this because I know often times they're like dis de I guess on sometimes on certain Wednesday's the prime minister will go before parliament and have a thirty to forty five minute session in front of them were occasionally a few members of the public can go in are they still doing that type of session or is this parliament still meeting in mass are they meeting virtually what's what what is government doing right now to to legislate over there well in some ways actually the timing of this outbreak has been fairly convenient for a parliamentary stumbling because they always have an Easter recess anyway they're not fixing it has been extended adding to this outbreak it may be looking at an extensive shut down time wise we don't know yet they haven't had to make that decision yeah I think they close for about four weeks which is longer than normal to save that for health reasons but but actually at the moment that isn't a concern because this reset is reasonably standard there may be questions I. depending on how the next few weeks ago and and Britain is it in the sick now of a seemingly pretty nasty outbreak in and while we talked about it today in Spain in recent weeks I think in the in the day looks like in the next ten days or so we might be talking more about the U. K. and friends in terms of really nasty European hot spots and so there may be a parliamentary decision to be taken but it's not for today okay all right Simon thank you so much for joining us in Memphis thank you for that update and hopefully when you do get that imminent update what will listen for that on fox news radio updates top and bottom of the hour and hopefully it'll be some good news for the U. K. thank you so much for your time thanks a lot there's some unknown it is six forty on Wednesday April the eighth and let's get some other local headlines some good news for those that are or may be looking for Ford for some food the mid south food bank will distribute today in the seven hundred block of summer also the First Baptist Church twenty eight hundred block of broad Idlewild Presbyterian church at seventeen fifty union very very prominent place there and also in the twenty eight hundred block of Midland Avenue today also how about this how about this news to the city of Oxford Mississippi is distributing hand sanitizer today at two locations according to a S. city tweet and according to fox thirteen they'll be drive throughs at city hall and the Jackson Avenue center the distributions will begin at nine o'clock and they will run that will run until they run out and they were made by cat head distillery so somebody's distilleries jumping in and making the hand sanitizer how about that little bit more news to there will be a mobile food pantry set up at the Shelby County schools board of education that'll be in the parking lot today over at one sixty Hollywood and there will be every Wednesday this month from ten AM until two PM and I hope that some of that news will be helpful for you if you need some some assistance maybe we give you a little information there that will be a good thing for you a blessing coming up next it's Rachel Sutherland from Washington DC at six forty two seventy one degrees or having your morning right now we reckon with MMR and homes road that goes down the market homes road we've installed before westbound to forty at email Mariah repairs also you down on Baylis Avenue between Chelsea and Jackson expect delays in both directions in that right lane is blocked due to a water leak on westbound poplar just west of Goodland put dropping your for today eventually some sunshine will start with mostly cloudy skies the sunny and a high in the mid eighties this afternoon for tonight that low drops into the low fifties what yes the low fifties with a strong cold front comes through dump some rain some thunderstorms in the area then on Thursday mostly sunny skies a high in the mid sixties on Friday Sunday night in the low sixty Saturday and Sunday mid to upper sixties but then thunder showers on Sunday.

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