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This rarely happens. More often because I won't admit I was wrong than actually the fact that I make mistakes. But in last week's episode. I made a mistake. NJIT forty, eight. Now I said they were the group associated with Nagoya. Because it had an end in it. And it turns out they're not the group associated with Nagoya. His S. Something S. K. E. Eight. Actually wrote it down in my notes and still forgot. So I need to apologize to everyone I've totally lost. Credibility. I know with everyone who actually cares about girl idol bands That I don't know the difference between my s forty eight and then GT forty eight. Now, how did I find out about this well? Turns out. There was a story this week about. Forty eight and the first thing they said is that that is forced by in the sky is the downtown area, of Nagoya. I realized I had said N. G. T., forty eight was Nagoya last week. And my world came crashing down around me and I. I know you've lost faith that you don't trust. What I say anymore that. What we used to have. Just doesn't exist like it used to now that. Everything. From this point forward has been marred. With the simple fact that A. Confused to idol groups that as far as I'm concerned look and sound exactly the same. What's this week story about S. K. E. FORTY-EIGHT The group associated with Nagoya. Which I now know factually speaking is true. The Director of Management for that group as forty forty-eight has been accused of paying two girls for sex. and He's been arrested. So. The. My first thought was. How unsurprising that a guy who manages Nile group got his whole career focus on idol things into. Young girls because what he did is on a social, he went on some social networking site. They didn't say which one and the girl said they were interested in doing NGO Cosi which is compensated dating. So they go on a date with you as your pretend girlfriend for an evening and you give the money and there is sort of implication that more will come on both sides money and Services. He. Brought both the girls. into a parking garage in into his car. And there he? Did things that are construed as. Obscene. These are acts that are deemed obscene. Under the law and the girls were fifteen and seventeen. So they're both underage and his defense. So I thought, they were eighteen. And only the girls arrive. Now, there's there's a very obvious joke there. That I'm torn between making penis. About this. In. The conversation on the Internet. The number they had actually spoken to was about two, hundred thousand yet. Of course, you're talking around the issue when you're doing stuff on the Internet. So they didn't say specifically what they were going to do. It's not like there's a menu and you pick what you want. This is gonNA. Go She Asian process. but they were talking about two, hundred, thousand yen and I assume that was for a date whole evening and you know a home run baseball match. Actually. Got The two girls into his car and pay them five thousand yen each. In the thing is this guy is fifty eight years old, but the age difference between eighteen and fifty eight is still forty years. So even if you thought they were eighteen that's still going to be is still gonNA get your judgment. It's still now it's legal. So I guess that's what he's going for. He's like I thought they were of legal age the interesting thing to me about this whole story because the whole story itself isn't that interesting guy tried to. Get girls into his car and pay for sex and stuff. That's not that interesting. The interesting part was when they were chatting on the Internet. JAPANESE CYBER PATROL saw. These posts. And then followed up on it. So there's actually a group of police officers who basically just troll these kind of websites. And then tracked down the people in check on. Which? Is Both Very Reassuring and very disturbing at the same time. Because you know we think of ourselves as I guess, this was a public conversation and they were just doing on a message boards of some sort again, they didn't say what say they didn't say if it was facebook or some other sites. So that's the interested in not because I want to find girls who are underage to come and sit in my car and get arrested over. That never crossed my mind. But it is interesting. It would be interesting to find out what kind of sites. The cyber patrol actually focuses on and how much time they spend doing I'm actually interested in the actual. Nitty Gritty details of. The cyber patrol job. Because it just surfing the net all days what it sounds like but then this is pretty serious. They found some very specific stuff and they've arrested. a semi high profile guy only because he's connected to. The management of a relatively famous group. As forty eight, which is the band connected to Nagoya Gye once again will firm. Is Factually correct. Corona. It's Blossomed again in in Japan and it's ruined because I thought we were going to be done by now when the numbers were down ten every day in Tokyo I thought. All right. We're almost there we're almost out I had big plans we're gonNA, go camping. We're going to do all this kind of stuff but then you soon is everyone sort of relaxed. It just bloomed up again. Now we're up into the hundreds. Thousand cases a day in Japan it's not much compared to other countries, but it's still it's more than when they actually did the emergency lockdown and this has led to a lot of. against sort of criticism of the government and what's going on one of the things I've been harping on about if you listened to the last three episodes is the go-to travel campaign. Which? I personally. Believe. They should not do. They should tell everyone to stay home. The government very specifically. Representatives. Said we are not going to ask people to stay home over oboe. Obon is sort of the summer break period happens in August. COMPANY GETS two weeks most companies get like a week or something like that. The. Most traditional thing you would do so very common thing is people go back to their hometown where they come from is it their parents and Kinda like just hang out at their parents house for a week. And really. Essentially get to do nothing like your parents make food and you hang out and eat and sit around and it's not a bad idea depends on your parents But it's great for the average Japanese person WHO's working working, working, working, and have a week to do nothing. It's pretty. Refreshing by the way they would say but the government's actually saying. We're not going to tell you to stay home, which is what I believe. They should say is just like look over the summer break I, get it tourism's GonNa. Suck. WE'RE GONNA lose a lot of money but if we get rid of this virus in the two weeks over the summer break that would be amazing and we could do that if just everyone stayed home instead of traveling. There is the other side issue. So let's say I'm in Tokyo and I have the coronavirus and my I'm one of the symptomatic patients. So I'm not actually showing any symptoms and I go home and visit my elderly parents because it doesn't matter how young you are. If you're going home to visit your parents, your parents are older and getting to that danger range just by being that much older than you. So we're talking about people, from Tokyo, going back to their hometowns all over the country. And delivering. Potentially delivering the Corona virus to their elderly parents all over the country who will then probably go out and visit their elderly friends and this is far as I'm concerned a massive recipe for disaster. So they're not going to tell people to not do that..

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