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Over the real the big land okay so around two thousand five now was under delivering happiness oh she was like the first the first program there so imagine for for a few years what's the what's it like interstate so I mean I I'm the I'm the guy with an accent here during the real oh gee right for for you how did you grow up given the mean this the forefront and then then you move to Silicon Valley had effective change because gay codeine at nine year old high school whatever it's more of like a hobby and then you fucking level up the MEK as which is Silicon Valley hey how did that she well in in in high school when I took the computer science course they're right up there are saying Oh yeah you know programmers they're only making like forty okay around forty K. dollars a year for for me for now it's not really a lot these days but back in the day I was like Oh wow that's really the Chris grew up in the east coast Maryland right yeah so so I had to make a decision whether this is what I really wanted to do can't think about anything else besides right programming wow so no matter what the no far no nothing yeah WBZ I really wanted to do really so it's like a calling really it wasn't really difficult for you to define that so again going back to you that Silicon Valley thing how did that change ranger perspective because eventually you're you're paths would cross you actually are the guys who actually work together I'm just you know third wheel that the smoking free right you guys eventually worked together and appreciate your experiences in Silicon Valley and whatever experience you did next really impacted how you did your moving forward what did you do until the valley I basically were was in charge not recharged really working with team building community portals community portals that's right exactly it sounded like random like front end like with say they they like they put me on the front page for Ebay for like a week to see what I can do wow that the pages the manage fucking did Eh okay or is it the front page of faces on the front page news just to see what I can do and how different different kind of like challenges during this time I I didn't I I was trying to look for a job where we're originally from Washington DC and that was really tough for me because you need to have security clearance because it's Washington DC and San Francisco they're really open to programmers and I don't know how it is now but this was like in two thousand and five and you know the whole startup craze and programming and technology was like you know in full swing after the bubble burst but then right before or the recession right right there there is some impulsive I was right there in between those two periods right and got like facebook was like what two thousand four yes right so later odio before and whatnot yeah so I I was I just enter San Francisco and I was live thing where they're trying to hustle and try to find like programmer and technologist and people people who are very enthused and technology it was crazy so let me move forward because I could talk about San Francisco in two thousand and ten is when I moved to to Manila and the reason why I moved I wasn't really planning on staying here I was actually just went on a six month sabbatical Yup from my company after working there for five years because one of my coworkers in San Francisco was always like talking to me like during the smoke breaks about how he always wanted to live abroad oh I'm looking at US guys like this guy is like forty years old when it's too late for him okay yeah and I was thinking to myself as well yeah I don't WanNa be like that right I kinda wishing older you back then do that that's got to be twenty six away okay that's quarter life crisis more or less so I so I decided you know what let me switch over to freelancing recession got nobody nobody wants to hire employees out I saw with my company I wasn't like Oh so don't get that wrong it was never there but I yeah so I switched over to like more consulting and then that gave me polity to move to the Philippines out for you jeff how did you start because this is you know I've always admired your business accurate and I'm pretty sure this is something Green your early on how did you start your journey out of being an entrepreneur and were there you're you have an alter ego and let's call this outer ego now because this is have been revealed Mr Jealousy Mr Boycott okay so where does this alter ego come from and how did you up being in a learning experience that helped you put up Galleon Well early on when I was still in probably a college that's a stir I started to get to buy and sell stuff by specifically it's because my sister so she was doing a lot of buying and selling of mental breadsticks if your own my Guy my sister was saying that just tapping naturally that you know My friends got to know that I was selling it because when they were going to house they were like craving encompass okay that's the way it started you study so savior Highschool Grade School and for college it's okay cool and after college I bumped for a while probably a year ago but while I was being a bum this kind of first thing I would say I started thinking thinking around with what can I do online found out that okay there's this platform called Blogger so what can I do about it okay so I I eventually had idea that you know what I make these promos I hate it when they say check the poster and print ads for details and then you go online there's nothing there's no that's where your facebook holiday have the poster but there's no those yes so it's kind of annoying for me and I thought okay all these people are probably searching for it so let's see what would happen how a kind of rope broke down a blog so there's freebies there's promotions and their contest got so F- gators to a wide variety of people who wanted to join you know anything especially for those skilled ones who would like to join clubs because there's a lot of door on video on this what I was doing blog my blog bike report blog so I'm glad you did you get this name Boyko report always it's just something I don't know I I'm not sure how I came up with it I'm pretty sure my wife my girlfriend back there so while I was thinking about you know the blog screwing around with Leah how to make it better also we're getting more involved with how to market so I got to learn about Seo I gotta read about analytics very feasible so I got a whole gist of how this marketing online because I come from a background for back in May may degree advertising in Oregon so you think that I would know after I left college right yeah but the thing is I didn't know shit true or lastly all yes all your advertising it's all concepts but doing this on nine stonier different ballgame get changing how does it kept changing every month every year so you have to catch up all of the things that's having because what you've read probably a few months ago WanNa play now isn't the hottest thing now so that's how he got got start eventually I started the first company riches awesome dot beach off sudden that was the height of a group one dude I always ooh Yeah Yeah conversation before but afterwards I could also correct correct what do that's how I learned how to sell this is like y'all for me so I I knew I I did a bit of selling in college right but doing that start up you push me hard correct today because it's very difficult odder hundred people like you to go to the same time going because we were all Gacy market yeah the service market on the back of the right exactly exactly but the confidence that I got.

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