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What what are the Black Simone who care and every day I used to say to myself ten these guys and finally yet Miami promoted you houses straight of hell raiser you know you know it myself back did maybe. I could see you just moved through and get promoted police officers special assignment Sergeant Lieutenant Captain and finally when I became a cap. Did they say you know what he's talking to these guys and they broke? It brought me up on department to charge now. The police department has their own. They have their own court system. And we call it the hang a kangaroo court because you really normally plea because you never been in the court is already rigged against you and so we had a official trial. They Bromo Department to trial because we had a terrorist threat and they deployed police and the black and brown community and expose that is so they brought me up on charges for exposing and an after the trial. The I was running. I announced that I was retired to run for Senate and they said well. You know what you're not leaving here we you're not gonNA retire. We firing you. We're GONNA take your pension you gonNa let you just get out of here all the hell you raise. Why so we had a trial. Yeah we had a trial and after the trial the judge. That was making a decision. He says let me tell you something. I wish I could district so that you could be my state senator. Then we knew I was going to be found at that is insane. I wanted to get your opinion. You know it would to it tells you that the the ancestors in the universe will protect you. You just do your job you. Would you support. The ancestors will be there. They were protect you. I don't understand that and it doesn't mean it doesn't mean you know you're you're supposed to get to some destination that you want. It means that you are supposed to do the things that you need to do. And the destiny would take care so yes. I actually had a quote of yours. I you said once you said being mayor is the destination the beauty the journey. That's right I thought that was very powerful. We caught up. We get caught up on a destiny. People come and they and they say well you know what? I'll never vote for you for me. So I'd you're doing the work anyway. You're doing the work working doing. Yeah we're so focused on the destiny that we miss the moments of the journey. You know like I wouldn't know you too ladies. If I was in this journey night. Now be honest part journeys. I wanted to ask you quickly. how you're really at the root of all this stuff. And how do you remain sane? Just in general everyone's stress. Everyone's anxious with this whole scenario. You're really likes at the forefront of seeing how this affects communities like what do you do to remain thane like that? I was telling my team today. I have a small group of tea. Like all of my staff have about sixty five. Staffers and all of them are operated remotely from home. A there's about five of them of that. Say Listen I want to in this. You know their their spirits that war correspondents made of they wanna be on the ground because the battle is different you a marine or view an Air Force Marine. Your senior real. I see these soil mask of nurses that warm ask for a week. I see you know what it is when I knock on a door and see people inside that thing getting you want to grab is different. And what you absorb underground actually becomes part of your permanent registry and you can either can break your spirit soul or if you use it and say that. I'm here to alleviate the pain people fill it up with your spirit is so you all of a sudden out of all of this madness you find purpose and that purpose is more driven. Then the pain and Momma said to me long ago son. If you're fortunate to live long enough you're going to be misfortunate to experience pain so you need to learn how to turn pain into purpose and where I am right now. I am turning all this pain into portraits energized. Going tonight. You and out Massoud Nights and residents. I'm energized when I leave a fool to first responders energize when I'm at the train station and seeing only black and brown people coming into the train station to go to a supermarket and fill the show and they see me there and here that I'm saying that you matter all that energy absorbing and that is why I don't see the anxiety of this I see that this is a this is a purposeful moment and I think you know the create a blessed us. I'll be able to be around right now that we can help people while they're at the darkest moment imagine going through life and you don't have moments like this. I'm so happy to be engaged in this right now. This is what is all about. We're lucky to have people like you out there doing the salute. They absolutely. You'll be honestly become a soldier with all this and I've I've been watching you and I'm really excited to Actually I'm excited. I'm GonNa vote for you. You have already our phone you have are. You need me to stuff envelopes. I'm here let us know how we can help you on. Your Journey was to Colin's Second calm and running for mayor in a bad place we place and we don't need someone who just has political aspirations city is hurting so bad and win a challenging time and if you're not really committed dedicated as smart enough to make the city city function we should not have been caught flat-footed corona buyers. We should not have a you know I do hospital system. Some get healthcare and others is sick care. Altruistic can learn we should have access to quality education. We should be feeding people help people in our jails and hospitals schools. And I'll senior sent. We need to change what we are doing. It is broken so maybe God said to us. Listen it's time to Ted this down so we can build it back up correctly off moment. Yes yeah right right right right well say we may have reached a Solomon and Gommorah period in our lives and sometimes the savior comes in and change everything around flow on my God. Well everyone listening. Eric Adams Debbie running for mayor next the vote for his ass. I WanNa thank you so much for joining us. This really means a lot to us a lot of times. You're doing a lot of times like we are not really seen by the world at large and Delana representative so you being here really means a lot to us our listeners. Thank you so much for your time to you. What you're doing we're partners in this. You know you're serving vital role of getting information out and we cannot thank you enough. Podcast will change the globe because now people listened on a graduate level. I appreciate you both. We believe that fast. Thank you so much out there. Even stuff envelope in here for you. We're here God. Well everyone that was Eric Adams. You heard it from him. I that was great so inspiring. So I'm looking forward to seeing what he's GonNa do in the city. I think it's GonNa. It's so inspirational I even just talking about the food thing that hit me close to home because I lost my father two diabetes and he went to the whole. He did all the medication. The doctors told him to do I. If he would have had the Mojo did do the Internet and like you know really research he probably would still be with us you know. And and and hearing that from him Was I opening? Especially if you're a person who has a certain age too because you know we get stubborn sometimes and he no. He changed his his whole life. And that was something good to hear. Yeah we were talking about earlier how it's also like embedded in our communities as people of Color we have this sort of. I don't know I feel like it's also attached to this my cheese small. Where there's all this branding of like eat meat. Eat steak eat this way. You're to be a tough tough person. And then like you know people were just like are the the fridge is always stocked with meats and lake. You know and then it's also convenience when you have a large family and your your income is level easier to buy in bulk and just you know not really focus on eating well but there are ways and I think it's important to put that information out there and that's what I love about Eric. Who's actually getting that really important detail you know like he gets me excited about politics like like a little. Heo See there never was in politics and so like L. C. Came around and now he's also make elevating me in another way to like also do my part. I honestly I. It's exciting. I feel like the I feel like what happened. Twenty sixteen has shifted away unfil- as well like I hate what happens and I'm hearing voices that we that That came out of that frustration and anger. And and we're I think we're at a place where we're hearing newer voice says and they're being heard and we're listening and it's refreshing and I'm all for it. I'm all for I'm here. I'm I whoever who is just trying to push people in a positive path and calling motherfuckers too at the same time and Eric. Sorry I liked Eric. He talked about the things. That people aren't saying you know all the under like when the surgeon general was on TV talking to black and Brown communities talking gibberish. You're not acknowledging. The fact that these are the essential workers that are the ones in the frontline that the ones that are the ones packed on the subways. They're the ones that are not protected at the supermarkets. Who are more at risk you know? It's not just because we're drinking and smoking in like visiting our moms and POPs I know I know and there was a Lotta irresponsibility that happens. prior to like during the You know when things finally started closing even for myself I. It took forever for the company. I work for to finally say okay. It's time for you to stay home. I'm at that point. There was no one else like it was just me essential workers. I'm GONNA Social Worker. I fucking designed bathing suits but I felt like you know and it was like essential workers like homeless people and Unfortunately people that were using free. Leo's like all right. Fuck it but we're but we're but it came to a point where I didn't feel You know they talk about how. How about me and how is GonNa get actually annoying me about tweeted to? I'm like why are you still going to work? That's you at risk for what's a bathing suit for this company brought to you in the first place like not at all and how they contacted me sense are you okay. How're you doing now? So this is why. Everyone's going to shift their shit when the gates go down meeting him to see you know if if we have the option more options to shift gears and if these companies ended up opening up again and if you have other opportunities to be in a in an environment that they can give a shit about you take that opportunity you might have to pay cut. Whatever may be like. I think I value Companies actually care Rather than check at this point But I I honestly I got sick anything either. I got sick. I definitely got sick. I couldn't get tested. I'm sure it was from each still travelling to the city horse. You know like but do they know that I got sick now. Did I was going to be petty..

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