Invictus Games, Meghan, Prince Harry discussed on 20/20



It is it's a big it's a big deal is not easy for anybody by september megan graces the cover of vanity fair it with a headline wild about harry and the couple make their first official appearance at the invictus games carries signature event for wounded warriors even megan's mother doria tax along when meghan made hafez stomach parents with prince harry and she a chat chat say now we know why when the big moment finally arrives eat is far from the glare of blinding flash bulbs sustems typical north america's zina this redoing roasting chicken a message on it was drivers again and it was just just an amazing surprise it was so sweden and natural and very romantic he got on one knee calls it an instant yes yes as a matter of fact i could barely let you finish proposing as it can i say 'us thou should let me finish their courtship far longer and more conventional that his famous parents who met just thirteen times before prince charles popped the question but make no mistake this marriage signals a shift for england's church and for at sovereign this is not the nineteen year old verging kindergarten teacher that his own mother was harry is marrying an american divorced actress who is three years older than he is is there still rebellious street to harry i don't know you tell me there was a time mary divorce is was out of the question gets a kick.

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