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For those of you listening who do not know jemaine clement. Who is one of the creators of wellington. Paranormal actually tweeted about this accomplishment. I don't know if you you read this tweet. But he said quote. And i'm not going to do a new new zealand accent because i don't want to embarrass myself. Sharon someone sharon troy one. You really want me outside. The what he said what the heck usa yet. What the hit you is. I what the heck usa. What i a a what the heck. Us i pick up the heck you us. I and then he then he said we didn't even know if you understood what we were saying. Yeah i think people. That's why they hate to watch it so many times. That was long screening number one. Because when you site well i'm not gonna lie. I did have to watch every episode with the subtitles but to be fair. I watched everything with the subtitles. I watch everything with the subtitles out. American shows everything because it just makes it so much easier to understand but he's not wrong but this show is hilarious and fantastic. That's why it's number one on the u us because it's so damn good thank you. It's very kind of you decide. It's the truth and now that we got the big congrats out of the way. We'll come back to more questions about wellington paranormal in a or as i call it well e para do they call it that and new zealand old the time they could've willie para sam's club different but it's pretty much the same really para with what i saw para and mcclatch but we like really para he para yes but you never go to all right. You know i needed you before. I went to new zealand. I've been there twice. Actually so i could've used your help before. I went to blend in a bit more. Well me either if they open that buddha's again because we're already shut off to the whole world right now and no one can come because we've got such a beautiful place that we don't want anyone to come in of it but if we do i've been up to write the sweet absolutely. I'm taking you up on that. Because i i never been so. I'd love to go. Why have you ever been to new them. And turk sunday linnet. Now a bet you have. Have you ever been to this. Have you ever been to the states. Yeah we funny but no i. I was going to get into fights but then why don't we talk and you will find out. We suck no. Because i had some indescretions in my youth And america's very hard to get into. If you've had inscriptions in your your flesh even had fun with the police which is ironic now. I am a fourteen I wasn't eligible coming to your country for a long time. But now ebb and also now. My partner is living in la. So i'm gonna be coming over there huntley on boxing day. oh okay. we found out the hard way. Boxing day is because when my husband dad we don't have day here and we. The last time i was there was in two thousand fifteen and we arrived on christmas. And he twenty-seventh oh did we. Yeah we skipped. I dunno you know when you fly there. It takes twenty four hours a fly. We left on christmas. We arrived. I think on boxing day and everything was closed down. Sui like all of our plans for that day like went out the window..

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