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You're just unlucky kind of you're smart and you're right. You should always always always take the field. But i don't know. I i was so i'm writing down. Like who are the teams that the forty niners would have to contend with the ravens. Like you said. They just lost three running backs for the season in less than two weeks. That's unbelievably bad luck for baltimore. I know the mars. Good but someone's got to run the ball if they're going to have the nfl rushing leader. I don't have confidence. That lady on bell. Ordeal onto freeman are going to be able to do it. I that takes the ravens out of contention to be the rushing leader for the nfl. Cleveland is really good job and hunt. But i think this year is going to be a little bit more about baker. He's in a contract. You know he's trying to get that second contract. Odell beckham junior is back. Chubb is really go. that'd happy true. Please have that if you're really going to go away from the formula that wins you games. It's running the ball. Which have it hunt. And then it makes baker mayfield very efficient. Please take the ball out of the running backs hands. That would be amazing A steelers fan. I'm not saying they're going to abandon the ron. I'm just saying. I think that they might reduce the carries enough for the forty niners to sneak in there between most and sermon and lance and everybody else rushing the ball for san francisco. I don't know you're right. A eagles are sneaky with jalen hurts. He's going to get a lot of rushing yards. i don't know if mile sanders is good enough To allow the the eagles to lead the nfl rushing yards. But there's someone to keep an eye on as well there. I guess it depends on how many games land starts right. But if you're saying call shanahan wants to be saved. How much is he going to let him run I guess it depends on how many games he actually does start to see if they even have a chance. Because with jimmy. Garoppolo back there. Then i don't i don't think the forty niners have a chance to lead the nfl rushing yards No they might have a chance to lead the league in negative rushing yards. Jimmy garoppolo back there. All right who has more rushing yards. The forty niners quarterbacks. The forty niners wide receivers. Yeah i'm gonna quarterbacks pretty easily last year the forty niners wide receivers combined for one hundred and three rushing yards the year before that they actually have the second most in the nfl but still only at one hundred and seventy three land just has to start a few games to hit the right and he's going to come in even before he starts. He's going to have some rushing at times. Even jimmy garoppolo had sixty two rushing yards twenty nineteen so if he can do half of what the forty niners wide receivers did last year than lance can easily out rush them. I'm not gonna lie. I was planning on going wide receivers. You just totally turned me around with that nice. I was just like oh man. I did not. I thought the forty niners receivers had more rushing yards in that. Honestly you know what it is. I think some of those stupid plays get called passes when they're really basically runs and so i think the niners have lost. The receivers have lost them rushing yards that way. But you're right when you put that out there. Like i admit you turn me around on that one. So good job. You thank you for shanna. All right how about this one. More total yards this season brandon. Euch or deebo samuel. This is a hard one. I do think there'll be close. But i'm going i you just for the fact that his averaged up to target is deeper and i expect it to even have a further gap this season. I think you could be used Just more In the middle of the field And on deeper routes but depot will be used everywhere. I just think it's going to be such short little reception. So i fully expect deebo to lead in receptions but i- ukhta lead in receiving yards. I guess i'm not counting rushing yards here for deebo but like i said it's not that many rushing yards. It'll be maybe a hundred tops. So i'm still gonna care depots going to get the ball in more sure situations like you said shorter. Passes those drop passes. Behind the line of scrimmage the hand offs is going to have to catch the ball to get his yards. and i'm sorry like he seems inconsistent at best with his hands we've seen it in the preseason. He's dropping balls left right and center we last night cd lamb dropped quite a few balls in the first quarter right it kind of his first type of play. This preseason takes second you got the nerves. He got it off of him. The good wide receivers were will overcome it decay. Metcalf was one of the top leaders last year and drops. That didn't matter. He still put up like fourteen hundred receiving yards. Something close to that. So drops happen. He'll be fine. The only difference is kosh enhance not going to let his quarterback throw fifty four times. Or whatever mike mccarthy let dak prescott throw last night so those he's not gonna have as many opportunities to make up for those drops. Plus i honestly i think kyle gets a little pissed at some of the guys. He's like you know what. Forget it you're gonna drop the poll. I'm going to go somebody else. Shanahan's kind of bruce arians in that way then. Because if soon as you make a mistake with bruce arians you're done. I as soon as ronald jones fumbled last night. You know who's never going to see the field. It's what he does. But also like ronald jones like who stop fumbling bumbling dropping a ball. Like if you wanna play. What is this problem. I'm amazed that guys have fumbling issues like michael. Hasty has one for the forty niners. It seems so preventable. Take the ball shovel your your armpit covered up when you get hit. It's it's. i'm always stunned at that. Happens like i will get tiki barber for the giants years ago now. He had a fumbling problem and then he changed the way he held the ball and like never fumbled the ball again. It seems like such a fixable thing of what they say is like once you get the reputation for having a fumbling problem than everybody goes for the strip which sometimes leads to more. But i don't know figure it out. Man oh latavius murray just signed with the ravens and now i think latavius. Mary will be fine in the backfield. Like he's perfect for that backfield. He was the right. Signing so i again would take the ravens to lead the nfl. Come on have a little. What if one of those guys. What if lamar dinged up like. That's now then you're screwed one hundred percent but that could happen. Any starting quarterback yes. That's true but i think for the forty niners they're rushing yards are going to be mostly dependent on the running backs. And you've got moster and sermon and hasty. So i feel like the niners are kind of insulated against that a little bit hasty out of your honor your donate entre mico hasty to me. The reason the forty niners lead anything out of here. I'm just saying if the other guys get hurt. He could fill in and be capable. That's i'm saying he's here. You i love me some jitterbug. All right last one over under a nick bosa sacks for the year is ten and keep in mind..

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