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Percent ground beef. Ooh. The seafood place was hot and juicy crawfish or the Boeing crab. They both sell seafood boils with the seafood boards, the several different flavors. I don't play with who choices. And I don't and I wouldn't have stayed around. Well, let's see maybe another time. I think everybody actually no I'm not I'm gonna go to tie phone if I go back out there. And then the second play I think everybody gave you the business about the tacos because chronic tacos, the started by we man from the jackass series. I'm not sure if he's still has owners interest in the business anymore. You probably have people say why not go forty minutes out to San Diego San Diego, by the way. Did you know that the night sandiego means a whales, but Jonah or? Yeah, that's anchorman or north to LA for some tacos, or even better some people probably say the tacos authentic, unless they're from a car on the side of road and Mexico. Yeah. Yeah. The thing is no one brought up that chronic tacos was owned by. We've man from jackass. So no, they just gave me a hard time because people are Dicks on social media about food. That's it. There are some places that, sir. Connie Asada fries. Chili cheese fries. But we're Connie Asada avocado guiles to sour cream instead of chili. Yeah. I've had no divorce Charlotte. It's funny. I I know I'm to do this. I came back home to Charlotte. And I went to a like a little like authentic taco spot that I knew people would not be able to question the tacos cod taco Navarro Navarro at I had the other took a picture of them. Everybody was like those are out there and tacos, I was like, I know I'll just be fucking. I love that place. Yeah. Arab. Everybody speaks Spanish around us. Like, yeah. Karen, loves it. But she orders a burger and fries. But y'all don't be up in her mentions. I did auto burger prod them about funding the legend. It's. A burger and fries at the authentic Mexican taco place. And not why. Not one purchase asked that. Again. You discuss me as a white Latina ex. You are. Thank you, Ben and not give my I wonder what I won't. There are some places that serve several car circa honors Dari the bag out some good places as well. But LA San Diego, whereas advertisers. Lastly, you mentioned the Mexican soda that comes into the glass there called Jerry L. What? Hurry does. Okay. Hurry dolls. They used to cost twenty five. But further east you go to more, especially Dave account due the proximity of distribution, no sodas are on point. And they use real sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup next time. You wanna turtle folks? Either deconstructed taco and watch everybody lose their minds. Keep up the great work. Ryan and care. Your work is much appreciated. Thank you. Yeah. I'm the reason why you have places that don't specialize fish on the menu for for the one random person might be. Our dog begging writes in rod, why are you like this? I missed all of the taco gate, but I'm not to talk. Okay. But I'm vet now Baxter all through Twitter against to find out. I'm trying to get my work done. And I haven't I have to keep a stop into explain why I'm out loud. Jalan? I missed the southern Arizona tacos. Tacos in the Pacific northwest trash..

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