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News with the biggest hotspots that should tie. Topped your travel. Bucket list is coming year. Why you should have a bucket list when it comes to travel, and she joins us live aboard the Disney dream cruise ship. Yes, I'm on the Disney dream on their popular for night, the hamming cruise which is one of their more popular ones, they have. And then also for folks to closer to the west coast like you are in Denver March through may they're going to be failing or Disney wonder out of San Diego with itineraries that had to Mexico so keep that on your radar. But yeah on these cruises. What I love is that you get this world class in our team get the character encounters for the kids. You get all inclusive dining, I love all sorts of options, and you stop all these really cool tropical paradise as we were just on Disney's private island called castaway cay yesterday. So it really is a fantastic vacation especially for folks that are just looking for those quick weekend getaway to get out of the winter weather for a little bit. We did a cruise last March. And I think we were booking in in December. If we want to book a cruise over spring break this year are we too late Janine? You're not too late. But this is the time to do it. You know, January's what they call the cruise industry waves. Even this is really the month. When people are looking at booking cruises. Not just for winter. And for spring break, the even though summer cruises to places like Alaska and Europe. This is the time to do it particularly for those busy periods like spring break. You don't wanna wait because you wanna get the room you want the availability and even the flights to get there. So that's definitely a time period. You wanna book now Janine do you get better deals booking now as well? What are you can? I mean, I think it's all about getting what you want. So for some people it's getting the particular week they want and availability and for some it's all about price. And I think that you know, when availability get small, it's all a matter of supply and demand. Right. So you wanna make sure you book early to get exactly what you want. We have two little three day weekends coming up MLK day in January and president's day in February are people doing getaways for those short days. They absolutely are more and more travelers are taking advantage of weekends. When they're already getting a day off work. And I always say, you know, take an extra day off your vacation days ads inflex ability to that weekend and leave a day earlier say a day longer you're going to find you can find really airfares if you're willing to travel on this off peak days. So you've added a little strategy heading into these long weekends. But I also say always quick long weekends look at all inclusive destinations the Caribbeans. Great for that. Cruises are great for that. I loved it on a cruise you basically book book your flight and then show up and you don't. You have to do anything else. So for those trips that are just a few weeks out the perfect way to plan Janine. I love the use the word bucket list when it comes to travel. I think of it as being maybe more aspirational. Why should we be more aspiration when it comes to travel and doing these kind of activities because it makes it more tangible? I think you're more willing to do it. If you put it down on paper, I always kind of every season with my family make a bucket list. So for the year, we make our travel bucket list, and we don't just put the aspirated stuff on there. We also doable things like where do we want to go to the air? You know, so kind of make a good combination of both. But you know, certainly, some of the more aspirational ones places like they'll Alaskan cruises on my family's list this year, if aspirated all, but it's doable. And I think you look at places like Alaska and accrued is really the way to go. You leave it from places like Seattle and Vancouver. And you get to see national parks too. I mean, you're not gonna get to see glacier bay national park really any other way than on a cruise ship. And then it's all about the excursions. Right. And I love Disney ones because I have small kids and their excursions are really geared towards. Kids it can help make those aspirational destinations. Doable. What if you're thinking about traveling internationally in two thousand nineteen what are the hot spots. Well, Europe is always a big hot spot. You always see the top European cities on the top destination list. And so that's one also that you should really look at booking and planning. Now, you know, if you're going to do the big land vacation and travel via train. There's a lot of logistics involved in that cruising becoming one of the more popular wage for people to see your because you're hitting all those big port cities places like Rome Barcelona Dublin, Mary even heading through the Norwegian fjords and somebody's northern European cruise it, and again, you book it, and you don't have to worry about languages and currencies and transportation, but still even if you're booking that European cruise. You wanna look at booking it now because they are so popular and availability will become slimmer the closer you get to their departure dates, which are started may any hidden gems for travel that are accessible that. Maybe don't pop to top of mind. There's always so many great hidden gems. Why people math me about? Emerging destinations. And I I do feel like there is kind of the small city revival. You're seeing places even like Kansas City, Spokane Washington, all these little cities are really having a lot of revitalization and their downtowns. And so those can be really great gen a lot of them in your backyard. You know, I always talk to when you're going Colorado. You have that creative corridor which hit some of those really cool that a town. So those can be great hidden gems, and with, you know, gas prices being low easy for people to take those quick trips. Good advice have fun on that cruise ship. It sounds like you're having a blast already. I am. Thank you travel expert, Janine Tournant, or and of course, if you're flying to your destination this spring, and you're crossing your fingers at the government shutdown. We'll be resolved soon because we're already seeing impacts on non government workers who travelling are waiting in longer lines at the airports ABC's Steve Olson Saami reports at the world's busiest airport in Atlantic. The long lines that snaked all the way back to baggage claim spelled brief from the government shutdown several security lanes that are normally open during the rush hours remained. Close. People are missing their flights. The lines are longer than expected. So we'll put two and two together. And it looks as if there may be people calling out the government.

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