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Hinton. I just want to remind you that seato break continues all week long and you can find us on I g as we post the break or on Twitter at opposite, the brick or Facebook CEO break, but our favorite destination is got the seat. The break dot org. Boom throw. All right. So we're moving into Rosie TAs reports. And, you know, this story almost that make it today 'cause I wasn't sure there was so many competing stories for my reportage to today and the conversation that I'm talking about my first report has to do with telepathy is to let the real right now, I found an article inside science, in which the article is titled telepathy, Israel. How do we transmit information from one person to another? This is by all-star Jennings, who is a contributor to this inside science. He says, now, I don't wanna Larmer anyone but to let the act of transferring thoughts into someone else's head now is real as in published in act. Papers, real people have now to lip path thickly communicated with each other's monkeys have south problems as a connect connected hive mind, and humans have even been given telepathic control of a rut. So how exactly did, we do it the brain, transmits messages as electrical signals through nerves? But we can't just connect everyone's heads through a giant web of nerves, even if we could it would be impractical. But we can read the electrical activity from brain cells with electronic devices, then transmit the signal like we do the internet and turn it back into brain. So actively at the other end, unfortunately, this is where he gets tricky. I how exactly do you read brain activity implanted electrodes can do it this sense? The change in electrical currents as brain cells. Actively but unless you have fancy complicated surgery to cover the entire surface of your brain in a fine array of electoral needles you'll have to choose option to which is electoral in oh my heavens on earth. I'm just going to say EEG. I am now going to try to pronounce that word EG do in. You can do your Trach. Okay. And some full law. Graffiti. Yes, she did it. Yes thing they do. I get a prize yesterday and I have pizza. I'm sending you the answer tip telepathically. I'm going to go to Joe's okay? He rests a collection of larger electoral on the top of your head, where records the electrical activity of larger groups of cells, but that is not, but that is only after the signal has passed through the many Inge's the skull and the skin. So does not so accurate. But it's the only one that human telepathy studies have actually used so, you know, he goes onto say so an unexpected problem. How do we decode the signals that we've got? There is so much more to go into this article. But there are key things that I want to leave you with in conversation when it comes to fill up the because, as we know obviously science has been studying this, right. And we have also heard that, the military has done stuff like remote viewing. Right. And then there's this other conversation, where as human beings, some of us are so connected naturally with without the resistance, because I think that many people can figure some of this communication out is been proven time and time again, that we are able as human beings, some of us, of course, more than others to be able to communicate the subtle yet. No, like there's, there's is in no time, the information happened so quickly. One of the examples that I wanted to share with, as I was preparing this morning, sort of asking the universe is this conversation about telepathy going to make the conversation that I talk about today because I was on the fence with it. And I just kept smelling, these incenses today. Right. I, I was smelling Franken sons from sticks Donen bone that I do not have haven't had in a long time. And then when I went to my kitchen and told me it was breakfast time. So there was a breakfast sent in the year. But yet, I was able to smell like it was right next to me, not chump. It was very, very specific. Then cut to when we have this, when Rosetta gets into this pre-game conversation with Ruth, Guten rooty Goethe starts telling me that, you know, she always working and creating something, and she's very essential oils. So you were telling me about, and this is where Ruthie can carry the wrestling. So I basically telling her that I was ready for a conversation that I had already lit my candle and started burning my incidents. And then he was actually listening to the sound of my to bet and healing bowl and inside the thebenz healing bowl. I have a crystal bowl that I had put my when my central oil blends in and Sibert four the energy of that essential oils bland was being transmuted throughout the room throughout the easer. And she was listening to, as she was also getting that energy. And so she asked me what was the scent that I had inside the bowl and I told it was my spirit are eggs that has the frankencense and Mer and term, Oregon it? And then she said, oh, my goodness. What is the incense that you're burning? And said, oh, not Champa force. We wanted to give you a real world example of telepathy, because the MB tween and part of the discussion of, you know, like why. Okay. So why would this happen right abuses? The question that people would would have, I think what part of it is that routine I have established a communication. Right. And in that communication between us when we connect with each other more in tune, we, there's no resistance, you know, our relationship is really, there's no resistance, like I'm never trying to create a version of Ruthie. She's never trying to create a version of, of me. We're not trying to censor a need. Each other. We even though you know, obviously through because of the show, we are aware, and we talk honestly about what we're going to deliver. But I think that, that connection the fact that we're so in tune with each other the fact that we're coming into Monday morning, and we're. In our own individual waste preparing for this Ruthie create an intention, and I smell the incense over here in New York, and she's in plano, Texas. And you also smelt the frankencense. That's very strong in this, in this particular blind, because it was it was created with the three maj. I in, in mind and the gifts that they brought right? Which was a frankencense the Mur. And then what many people believe is turmeric as far as the gold of representing the gold. So, yeah, it's pretty it's a pretty intense energy that, that oil that blend gives so. Yeah, pretty little guys many, many. We have three articles that are opposed as summaries. But what are the takeaways here, right? There's going to be stuff that you read number one right there. Obviously the other takeaways assigns is still expanding looking into this, a third take away, or maybe that's before is this is the conclusion of insci- with projects like Elon Musk. Nora link on the horizon that may. Come sooner than we think. Right. Which is, you know what the heck does that mean we also have even heard of Facebook doing research into something where they're trying to connect with our brain activity. Right. Like this is creepy. But it's an is miss too, well, I'm trying to share. Is that while so many of us in our day-to-day were thinking? And when we talk about telepathy, were like, oh, that's will stuff. But no, it's not like if it's will stop the why are people in the military and science really having these, these research, yet, the rest of us are, like, thinking, Oles, not explorer, because wool stuff yet. We do it every day. Because how many of you have had that, that thing where you're about to call someone you're in connection with, and they ready calling you or they call you, as you think about them. So this is what I mean. We already do it. There was a recent article on collective of Lucien, Russian military, Colonel publishes, an article claiming human animal. Telepathy is a hundred percent real. Right. I'm not going to be the whole thing. Just couple of briefs and takeaways the Russian ministry of the fence published an article about the existence of military parapsychology in Russian military techniques, which allows one to penetrate into thoughts of another hack computer programs and communicate telepathy, to tell partly reflect on why is this type of science studied at the highest levels of various governments, yet ridiculed and not studied at all within the mainstream. And that's one of the sort of things that I wanted to leave you with, again, you have stories you have things inside the you'd like to share Sundays on. No, we want to hear and possibly share with our audience. We would love that. Because everybody has story and everyone is important, and everyone is beautiful and everyone is you need, and I would like to start doing that. I definitely would so, yeah, I'll offer free health coaching session to anybody. Let's do it. Look good of incident for my next report, which tied into our question of the week. We asked some of our listeners to answer this question. Have you ever seen something unexplained? Have you ever seen a ghost and I came across this article on the internet sixty percent of people have seen a ghost. Have you has have you seen a ghost rootin- or something gleaned? I tell you something that happened very unexplained that ties to the first trip that I took to Israel, as well as the second trip that Israel, the very first one, it was nineteen eighty and we went to a. Visit the tomb of Rachel, Rachel is our matriarch. Right. And it's very holy site. And while we were there, I had this dates me. I had a little one ten camera K and I was pictures with little one ten camera. And why was there? I met this old man. An old man. He looking bearded like the typical old religious man, and he spent talking to me, and I, he asked me something in French, and I told him in French does speak, Fred. And then he asked me something in Hebrew in said, I don't speak Hebrew imperfect. Hebrew. And then he started speaking Spanish, it was very odd. And so he was like, you know, I have a nephew and bub-bubba. And so I got, you know, it was kind of interesting because everybody over there, fix you up, when you're not married. So I thought that was interesting. I really somehow bonded with this little old man, and I asked him affected, take picture. So I went to take his picture. And it was the last picture that I had available on the role of film. And I took the fig the picture. But the flash didn't work, which we're in a cave. I mean, this is dark. Right. And I thought, oh, no. The picture is not went be developed because, you know the flash income out, but I had already written down he'd written down his name and address for me. Because I told him I will mail, you the picture. I came back to the states, and I printed, all the pictures and low and behold, the picture turned out, okay, which is an impossibility because it was dark. And there was no flat. No, you definitely need the fly again. And it turned out so I made a double yet, United made that time it was really nice. If you got double copies to share, right? So I printed out. I had an extra picture. I send it to him and about a month or two came back as undeliverable, nobody had heard of this man's name. It was not there was nobody there by this by this name. Wow. So that kinda ties into what happened, this pastime when Dennis I got there and the first day we were out, we're going to go buy clothes because our luggage, did make it with our white. We were just leaving our son's apartment building and starting to walk towards street, when all of a sudden and mysterious a man appeared like Adenola like there was an old man at nowhere. Right. And he looked like he was a homeless, man. And so Dennis, and I had some money in a pocket that we were we put aside for charity. So we gave the man some money and he was kind of explaining to us. I understood from his Hebrew, whatever I understood was that. He was homeless knee would stay in the field, right next to there. And so we gave the money and this old man, hugged me. Me and kissed my forehead like you know, when your father your grandfather, kisses, your forehead is child, he kissed my forehead kiss. My hand.

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