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Prioritize serving these victims. Merriman has spent 9 years prosecuting sexual abusers and domestic violence offenders in King County. With sticker shock still reverberating across Seattle, the city council started vetting a massive levee extension today. Michael Winkler chin runs the office of housing. For every 2.6 jobs that were created between 2011 and 2019, only one home was built. Council member here, Lisa herbold. 92% of the 31,000 market rate apartments opened in Seattle during that decade were luxury units. Mayor Bruce harrell's plan would more than triple the housing levy to $970 million over 7 years the proposal was headed for the November ballot. A Tacoma city council member shares an update about her cancer. Catherine ashka, who last September announced she was diagnosed with stage three cervical cancer, says her journey is an over as her treatments last fall were not as successful as she and her team had hoped. So consequently, I'm scheduled for surgery and I'll be out for four to 6 weeks starting next Tuesday. Ashka has served district four of Tacoma since 2017. New developments in an effort to return an orca taken from the waters of the puget sound more than 50 years ago, northwest news radios, John lobert. For 53 years, she's been Lolita at the Miami seaquarium. But in her native Pacific Northwest, she's to tie for the indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest. She is called Scully shock Pinot. After decades of trying to gain her release, Friends of toki finally succeeded last week. To begin discussions with all the federal agencies and the state agencies to facilitate a move to a netted enclosure in the Pacific Northwest. But the move has to be carefully orchestrated. Toku tie is in poor health, Charles vinick at the whale sanctuary project is working with a team of veterinarians. Although she still has a chronic infection, she is stable enough that they think such a move would be better for her health than where she is. Jim irsay, the billionaire owner of football's Indianapolis cold, says he'll pay to have the 57 year old orca returned to her native waters. Because Jim irsay stepped forward earlier this month has said he will provide all of the money for her life to move her and care for her. The move could happen in the next year to a pin built just for toki. John libertine, northwest news radio. The former King County sheriff says his first call for jury duty gave him a new confidence in the court system. Steve strand now director of the Washington association of sheriffs and police chief says he was struck by the honesty and humility of his counterparts in the jury pool for a case of a soul on a law enforcement officer. Strand says when it comes to issues like police accountability, there are people at what he calls the edge of each perspective. But the majority of folks out there, the people, frankly, in our real lives, they understand the complexities of the issues we're talking about. They acknowledge them. And it made me feel better about the people who have the task of deciding cases in court under the rule of law. People who vote people who participate in society. And strand says he was also struck by the willingness of people to serve on a jury even if it meant a big inconvenience or a hardship for them. We checked the Beacon plumbing sports desk at ten and 40 minutes past the hour with Bill sports, golf's best players adjusting to a change at amen corner. The 13th hole at Augusta national has produced some of the iconic moments in the major, adding 30 yards means more players will have to think about a dangerous, high risk second shot to the par 5. 2015 champion Jordan Spieth says putting is always a challenge on the master's greens. Can't stress enough how nice it is if you can lag to insight three feet here because you're 5, 6 footers or harder here than they are just about anywhere else with how much break you have to play on them. Round one is tomorrow morning and there's rain in the weekend, Georgia forecast. Rain stayed away from downtown Seattle this afternoon, allowing the Mariners and angels to play ball with the roof open. The ems dropped their series in homestand finale for three to Los Angeles. Seattle had the tying runner aboard in the 9th, but failed to cash in. After a two and 5 start to the season, the M's hit the road to play the guardians in Cleveland Friday. Hunt auctions has announced the private sale of a baseball bat used by the great Babe Ruth in the 1920 season, sale price, $1.85 million. Sports was for its ten and 40 after the hour northwest news radio

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