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Reports. And then the second plane came in. And you know, then all hell broke loose in the school. Parents were coming to pick up the kids, but The kids were not aware that it was a real thing happening, You know? Um, So how hard was it for you to stay strong for the kids? Because as someone who is a student at the time, I can't believe that my teacher was able to do that. I am very strong willed. I'm able to do whatever I have to do. And you know I handled it. Well, I didn't. I didn't panic. We didn't really know what was happening until we got the other reports. You know, until they got the reports of it was an act of terrorism. And I didn't And then we didn't know if that was the only one. Or how many more. There'd be exactly exactly. All right, Barbara. Thanks for sharing your story with us. We appreciate it. That's something I'm kind of thankful of that. I got the full story. At the end. The hours of uncertainty sound like sound maddening. For everyone who you know was in the know at the time. It was a whole new world because stuff like that didn't happen here. And what was gonna happen next, where we under attack was the whole was something going to happen in California or something going to happen in Texas or Florida or some other part of the country? Yeah, I know people. Always kind of have in their mind. What? Whatever city they were in what was going to be attacked there. I know our boss was saying the Liberty bell. She was worried there'd be an attack there. I know people, um Obviously in Washington, D C. You have your pick of what could have been next? Yeah, and was next, but just hard to think about, Um Evelyn on the parkway. You're in New Jersey, One of 1.5. Good afternoon. Hi. I've said that 9 11 is seared in my memory. Um, Interestingly, the beautiful It was a beautiful blue day just like today as I was driving down the park way of thinking about it, But that particular morning I woke up in the dark because I had to attend a funeral at ST John's Church, which is the church of the president. Across from the White House for my Mrs Joan Gardner, who was my roommate from the supporter school boarding school. All girls boarding school her funeral, so I woke up early and was flying down on the shuttle. The New York EC shuttle to attend the funeral, which was going to be early that morning and we pushed off from the gate and I was all broke up for the funeral. And we were waiting and waiting and waiting, and I was getting very anxious and disappointed because I really wanted to arrive at the funeral on time because I adored Mrs Gardner. And finally they without telling us why they sent us back to the gate. And everyone was dispersed, and we only found out by watching. I don't think they even told us what had happened. But we started watching TV monitors, saying the city there had been Two planes that went into the twin towers and the city was in lockdown. But as a native New Yorker, I was like, Well, I have to get home. I'll figure something out. So I took a cab to the Queensboro Bridge.

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