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Trump than they do the big media. That's why millions of Americans are tuning in to Newsmax TV. Newsmax TV is America's new conservative news channel. Every day on Newsmax TV, you'll see top newsmakers like Bill O'Reilly, PAP You Kanan, Alan Dershowitz, Mike Reagan and more. Giving the truth about President Trump. Even Bill O'Reilly's new show. No Spin News airs exclusively on Newsmax TV. Newsmax TV is the fastest growing cable news channel in America. Soon in over 60 million homes. Find out why everyone is watching. Check out Newsmax TV on direct TV channel 3 49 dish to 16 Uber's 12 25 06 15. That's direct TV channel 3 49 dish to 16 u verse 12 20 files 6 15. If you don't get Newsmax, call your cable company. Tell them you want Newsmax TV. You want real news for real people. Here is your healthcare update with America's health care advocate Carrey Hall do antioxidants really neutralize cancer causing free radicals? I'll be right back to give you the answer. Antioxidants do neutralize free radicals and convert them into harmless substances that can be eliminated. The body has a natural supply, but many foods are powerful antioxidants, foods like oranges, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, spinach, kale, yes, that broccoli T tomatoes and Brussels sprouts all have natural antioxidants as well as vitamin A, C E and Beta Claritin. Hello, Zain Que tin zinc, magnesium in selenium, which is found in garlic, well known medical institutions like Harvard and the University of California, John Hopkins, Stanford all say these could make a very big difference and reverse the effects of aging. That's a powerful message. Ladies and gentlemen, and the choice is yours. For more information. Go to our website. America's health care advocate dot com America's health care advocate dot com. Hey, have you ever thought to yourself? I would like to become an What's your I r s problem.

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