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Gets a lot different so i definitely didn't expect this not not back at cushing with sean as my captain yelling at me all the time but shut up sean good when you get back to the city after the season as you go back parents house you got your own pat down the waterfront with a lot of things that will say you're not living at your parents please tell me no no just this this past year i bought a house in the i live up in switch renier or north shore guy north shore guy yeah girl rose so i'm north shore guy it's a nice neck of the woods out there you can't beat the switch clemes that's for sure oh i know good seafood up there so corner listen we gotta ask you know my favorite professional athletes bill castle you mentioned you plan on the third line with him in persad what a third line is what is it like to play with phil when you get to hear the game fact practice he chirpy on the vantage just a comedy show every day with them how fun is it to play with the thrill no it's awesome you know he's he gets a lot of heat that guy but he's he's one helluva player and i think a lot of credible looking to get him looking to get him the puck you make so many plays that people don't see i think you hear it all the time he's an underrated passer and it's so true if you just watch him he gets every pass through through demand or whatever it might be but i mean obviously he's got that shot but i think his passing is crazy so you just gotta try to get open and you know he'll he'll say see something on the bench to you but he's never yelling at you not that kinda guy what what is your favorite part about playing in the nhl.

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