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Here. We were interviewing a guy who has just inspired so many people as your football guy paul football one question. Would you have for mr chris norton well. I've got a question was going to ask you the the think that the craziness with been surrounded by so many girls was a result of your injury but we'll ask a serious. There's question <hes>. Do you think that in your background was there something in your background that you can point to that that gave you the the the initial. Oh strength has so many people would just give up and just before you even realized your role in in in this life was to inspire people in you. Still deal didn't give up. What was there something in your in your past in your upbringing in your faith that that kept it just kept you going yeah definitely my foundation of fate that gave me this hope <hes> that does like a dormer of at the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel that there's something possible even with this complete devastation around me so that gave me a sense of confidence to keep going and then also just being a student athlete just having failed over and over again having practices and workouts he didn't finish but you've finished your gains aims regained pick he'd come back but you came back and just having that experience taught me to work hard to keep going even ones not easy so is just that experience in that self and then always taking responsibility over my life so although i choose to be in situation chelation i've never worn this bon accord injury and although i could point fingers whose fault it may be it's my fault. I just also owned that to the fact that this is my life. I have to do something about it so there's multiple things that came into play but it was a couple of things definitely jumped in now your in your new book the seven longest yards the intro of the book is written by tim tebow. How do you know tim tibo what what's that relationship like so i i t though from his playing days at florida hospital watching t._v. special about a year the q._b. We'll be getting ready for the n._f._l. Draft that was you're going to the broncos and i was really moved by his dedication and discipline how hard that she was working and it was inspiring to me. Just off ham. I love to talk to the guy loved to me and my daddy. He took that that and ran with it behind my back and started through the grapevine. Just spraying aware that chris would love to talk to tim tiba. Anyone has any sort of connection so of course a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend eventually got him connected. Tim and tim call me on his personal number. Not block restricted which i mentioned that because yeah i've had a lot of players or coaches call me and it was restricted number but tim was. This is my personal number. We talked for like twenty minutes and he said if you i need anything you text me. Call me. Let's stay in touch and so ever since my accident we've stayed in touch and he'd been true to his word and we've we've been able to meet in person so you've got to meet girls as well and he always told me you've ever need anything. Let me now and well in this book opportunity camera pile. I i asked him and he did it well. You know what's interesting about my tim. Tebow bromance is located directly across me but we were in a twenty thousand square foot. Silly are thrive time show offices where our team is located in right in front of me in paul you can verify. There is my tim tibo praying kazan. My wife and i are obsessed.

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