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I mean obviously you know kinda committed my life to that you hope that education has some lasting effects and can help continue to do those adjustments that we have to keep keep finding the battle. Thirty by thirty on a federal level has turned out thus far to be not exactly the way we would introduce that you know language and talk about what is really protection and everything else but those of us who've been around for awhile totally expected that like up. We know certain setbacks are coming before they're ever announced and getting kids involved early on you know i i. This came as a shock me in my twenties. When i started working greenpeace these kinds of things. What i mean i can work on this for five years and then somebody can come and just take a dump on it and just thirty rydell. A little piece of code or signature could wipe out all this work and they go. Yeah but if kids start to understand that though not only be not surprised when that happens too badly they'll still be disappointed they could also at the same time. Be taken steps to make sure that that doesn't happen as often in the future right because some some people become politicians and say exactly way that i'm going to make my contribution i'm going to change the laws. I'm going to you know. And those are the kids your inspiring now. We need them badly. Exactly we need the future. Politicians engineers You know writers need We need him on as we were talking about earlier. That's what's so powerful about this topic. And i love your point. About what else would we do because we have to pay respect to the planet and the biosphere but it's also that celebration you've got a you've got to celebrate it. We can't be attending. Never ending requiem mass. So it's at least for me. I get angry sometimes. But one of the advantages of doing this education work is that you knew see student or even a teacher for that matter getting starting to see a new angle on something is just really rewarding in it it. It feels your optimism. I really admire folks. Who are in the trenches doing conservation work know. I'm really an educator And i sometimes felt funny like well. My call to action is always basically learn something.

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