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Is them believe in asked to be sure. It's them believing that what they have in chris. Jones is going to work there. And i think part of this also suggests they're confident print. Clark's not going to miss significant time this year because if they weren't i think you might even be looking at signing both guys going into the year. It might be a situation where you don't feel confident enough that you have the depth that you're going to need at that position going into the season and it also could be a situation where they're saying you know what we're looking at a pass rusher because that's really what you're talking about right right show is. You're you're saying okay. Where are you getting the pass rush from deepens events. Maybe they believe josh is going to be that guy by the end of the year the rookie that they took this year in the fourth round from florida state. He is ready right now. He is a project for them if they think though that he can be good bye week. Thirteen fourteen fifteen which is typically win. Spags rookies to be able to kind of start developing on the field for them in the games or that could play into this as well. So i think. It's i think it's a culmination of a number of different things. And when you add all of that up it was probably something where they said to themselves. We're fine with either guy if ingram decides to take our four million dollar offer three million dollar offer whatever it was. We're good with that. If he doesn't well we know we've got a backup plan and we feel comfortable. That locavore can come in and play. Thirty to forty percent of the snaps. And we'll be good with that as we've seen what that looks like. Just gotta just just better be right on it. That's all up saying if that was the thing that cost you you'd better be right. Acs where this is. I say this this is super bowl or bus team. And if we're gonna sit here with you know what man. I'm gonna i'm gonna take a chance on our fourth round. Pick that he's going to be a guy that can get pressure gonna take a chance. That might. Dan makes it a next step. You could do that. You could take a chance when roller bus like three. Four five million dollars is right there on someone that feels more for sure or you have a history on it and that feels more than just taking a chance when you sue bowler bus that that move feels like the way that i would go and i'm sure i'll be wrong but i mean that's that's i mean i just looked at. I am four million dollars one year. Four million dollars. I'm sorry. I know. Mike tomlin can do a lot of talking but if you to sit a we'll take you one for six. The i mean. I don't know i don't know interesting thing. Anc show got so worked up about alex okay. Four and melvin ingram that he completely forgot to throw to commercial break. So we're gonna take a quick time map but when we get back. The nfl released a new statement on.

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